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Céline Dion removes all of her makeup in her latest music video

Céline Dion has become nearly as well-known for high-fashion outfits as she is for her iconic singing voice, and she serves up both in the music video for her new single, “Imperfections.” But those are only two of the most memorable aspects of the video; Dion also delivers a beautiful dose of vulnerability, contrasting the fanciness of her couture looks with the simple act of removing all of her makeup and revealing her natural beauty.

Throughout the black-and-white clip, we see Dion posing like a seasoned model in a series of incredible ensembles with bold prints and dramatic silhouettes. But at about one minute and 45 seconds in, we get a closeup of Dion’s beautifully made-up face — flawless brows, fully lined, winged eyes with brightening white liner in the waterline, semi-glossy lips, etc. — right before she begins removing her cosmetics with a makeup wipe (presumably a L’Oréal Paris one, considering she’s a brand ambassador) held by her darkly manicured hand.

Slow-motion shots of the makeup-removal process are mixed in with her continuing poses, pairing well with the lyrics: “I got my own imperfections/I got my own set of scars to hide,” and, “They make me who I am today/And they won’t ever go away/Can you love them the way that I love you?” In the very last shot of the uncharacteristically soft-spoken song’s video, Dion shows her fully clean face, smirking at the camera with confidence.

That confidence is stronger now than it ever was when the 51-year-old singer was younger. Earlier this year, she told Allure, “I’ve never felt as beautiful, or so in charge,” explaining that she didn’t feel pretty in her teens and “would not go back to being 17 or in my 20s or 30s.”

And why would she when, as this new video shows, she is clearly embracing everything about herself so beautifully now?

Watch the full “Imperfections” video below.

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