Use The Force in This ‘Star Wars’ Meets ‘DOOM II’ Mod

Mixing Star Wars and DOOM is kind of a no-brainer. Sure, there was the excellent Star Wars: Dark Forces back in the day, but I’m talking about mods. Luckily, Xim’s Star Wars Doom mod for DOOM II does more than just bring over weapons and enemies from Dark Forces. The mod also gives us something that was lacking in Dark Forces: Force powers like Push, Pull, Heal, and Choke.

Originally released last year, the mod has been updated with a few new fixes. The mod eliminates the DOOM II hitscan weapons (which was almost all of them) in favour of the projectile-based mechanics of Dark Forces. Also, enemy infighting has been removed. Imperials, aliens, and bounty hunters will fight the other side, but not amongst themselves. So, you can’t provoke Stormtrooper into taking each other out, but you can get them to take out bounty hunters. The mod includes 25 weapons (many from Dark Forces), more than 40 enemies, and new music and sounds. There are also optional add-on packs will replace props, add more new music, and fix compatibility issues with some mega WADs.

Oh yeah, and those Force powers. Finding two lightsabers in the mod will unlock Force abilities, and with each new one you come across, a new power unlocks. Along with the Push, Pull, Heal, and Choke, you also have the Mind Trick, which causes confuses enemies and causes them to wander around temporarily, Lightning (which does extra damage to mechanical enemies), and the always enjoyable Saber Throw.

To play the mod, you’ll need a copy of DOOM II, along with GZDoom, which you can snag here.

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