Heavy Metal Action Game ‘Valfaris’ Raises Hell October 10th

Shown off at this year’s PC Gaming Show, Big Sugar’s heavy metal action-platformer Valfaris not only has received a new trailer, but a release date.

The game, which was developed by the same team as the equally-metal Slain: Back from Hell, will hit PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One on October 10. Valfaris puts you in the boots of rocker/warrior Therion. Tasked with ridding a space citadel of its demonic inhabitants by a variety of weapons (including satanic tentacles and a gun that shoots gold skulls), you’ll face off against hordes of demons and bosses, many of which are pretty visually impressive.

As a bonus for those who prefer physical copies, there’s also a Signature Edition of Valfaris. Available to pre-order for Switch and PS4, the Signature Edition includes the soundtrack (naturally), artbook, digitally signed artwork, two metal pins, and an art card. The physical versions are expected to ship mid-November.

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