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12 Best Leather Belts For Men – Your Everyday Staple in 2023

Men’s leather belts aren’t just there to protect your modesty. They actually serve a greater superficial purpose that helps finish off a plethora of outfit options. Whether you’re working in the office, lunching with friends, or drinking at the bar, you can wear the best leather belts for men with jeans, khakis, slacks, and a whole range of shorts.

But with so many belts on offer, finding the one worth your money can be as difficult as fastening your buckle after one too many. To help, my guide will highlight a range of stylish options and provide you with the best versions to cop right now. I promise I’m not here to waist your time.

Keep reading for my top men’s leather belts to add to your accessory collection, plus how to wear them like a boss.

Key Takeaways

Having spent the past few years working from home and self-isolating in our sweatpants, the need for men’s leather belts wavered. Three Super Bowls and a 46th president later, and we’re back to our best—wearing a whole host of pants that require a belt to stop them falling to the ground.

In this guide, you’ll find a selection of the finest men’s leather belts, including Luca Faloni’s streamlined style and Roderer’s reversible design. I’ll also be pointing out why they’re great and what they look best with, from shorts to wearing them with suits.

Our Top Picks

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Luca Faloni Calf Leather Belt

The best leather belts for men will take you from the office to after-work drinks (without feeling under or overdressed). They’ll hold your pants in place but also give your outfit a little je ne sais quoi that will impress your boss and trendy colleagues alike.

Luca Faloni’s calf leather version can be wrapped around your waist whether you’re wearing slacks, shorts, khakis, or jeans. It’s been hand stitched to offer long-lasting style, while the sleek buckle adds a touch of opulent elegance (I’m also told it won’t set off the metal detectors at airport security).

Sizes Available: 30-40 | Colors Available: 3 | Width: Unknown | Style: Smart | Material: Calf Leather | Closure: Buckle

Roderer Ace Reversible Belt

There’s something about a handmade accessory that oozes appeal. For me, it’s knowing that someone has spent their time going over every little detail to make sure it’s finished to perfection. The result is a product that’s had years of expert craftsmanship poured into it. Great, right?

If you’re in agreement, then you’ll definitely be a fan of this reversible belt from Roderer. Handmade from soft Italian leather, it offers black and brown sides with an engraved silver-tone buckle. You could wear it with the majority of your wardrobe, but I think it looks particularly great with your smart-casual ensembles.

Sizes Available: 34-44 | Colors Available: 1 | Width: Unknown | Style: Smart | Material: Soft-grain Leather | Closure: Buckle

Aurelien Grain Belt

There’s nothing like a men’s leather belt to pull your outfit together—especially if you’re heading into the office. Whether you’re wearing a tailored suit or a shirt and slacks, a sleek leather style will impress your boss and the guys huddled near the vending machine.

My favorite is from Aurelien. As tough as it is soft, it’s cut from grained leather and nubuck, with an interchangeable buckle for ultimate versatility. You could wear it with white jeans in the summer, or it’ll look equally as great with your go-to suit.

Sizes Available: One Size Fits All | Colors Available: 3 | Width: 35mm | Style: Smart | Material: Grained Leather | Closure: Buckle

Myrqvist Black Belt

For an accessory that plays such an important role in both your modesty and outfit success, it’s surprising how often the men’s leather belt can be overlooked. But when you’re tucking your shirts into your pants, there’s no excuse for committing this sartorial sin.

Myrqvist’s black leather belt should be with you when you’re lunching with clients or hanging with the guys. It’ll look perfect paired with slacks and a dress shirt, or it can help smarten up some jeans and a short-sleeved polo.

Sizes Available: 32-42 | Colors Available: 1 | Width: 32mm | Style: Smart | Material: Leather | Closure: Buckle

Timberland Classic Jean Belt

From gas to groceries, things are getting kinda expensive. Which is why we’re all having to find ways to tighten our belts. However, when it comes to actually buying a new belt, it turns out you don’t have to skimp.

Timberland’s budget-friendly option is under $20, but your friends will think it cost much more. It’s made from tough full-grain leather and comes complete with an antique-finish buckle. I think it pairs best with jeans and boots, but it’ll look just as good with khakis and loafers.

Sizes Available: 32-48 | Colors Available: 5 | Width: 1.25in | Style: Casual | Material: Full-grain Leather | Closure: Buckle

Buffway Full Grain Belt

You may mistakenly think that grain leather refers to a pebbled texture or grainy appearance. However, it actually describes a full, unadulterated hide in its natural form. What does this mean? Basically, it’s high-quality stuff that’s durable as well as stylish.

My top pick comes from Buffway, made from a single piece of cowhide leather that will only get better with age. An excellent option for every day, it comes in a generous helping of sizes and multiple colors to suit every sartorial taste. The 38mm width makes it slightly wider than your average, so I’d keep this one for your jeans or khakis only.

Sizes Available: 30-56 | Colors Available: 5 | Width: 38mm | Style: Casual | Material: Cowhide Leather | Closure: Buckle

Prospero Comfort Casual Belt

Thanks to baggy tees and bulging waistlines, belts can often go unnoticed. Which is kind of a shame if you’re looking to show yours off. Thankfully, there are plenty of wide leather belts for men that will always stand proud.

Prospero Comfort’s is made from full-grain leather with a stainless steel heavy-duty roller buckle. It’s suitable for a range of pants, but it’s best kept for your off-duty looks. Wear it with jeans and a flannel shirt for weekends, or chino shorts and a polo when the days get hotter.

Sizes Available: 30-44 | Colors Available: 6 | Width: 38mm | Style: Casual | Material: Full-grain Leather | Closure: Buckle

Bostanten Ratchet Belt

Webbing belts were one of the essential accessories of the 90s. There wasn’t a pair of khakis or cargos around that wouldn’t look better with the skate-inspired style. But seeing as we’re talking about the best leather belts for men, I needed to think outside the box.

This offering from Dime is a touch smarter than the original canvas designs, but it’ll still take you straight back to the days when Fraiser and Fresh Prince were on our screens. It shares the same sliding fastening, yet comes in Italian leather that can work for weekends and work events alike.

Sizes Available: 28-52 | Colors Available: 14 | Width: 3.5cm | Style: Smart-casual | Material: Italian Leather | Closure: Ratchet Buckle

Bullhide Full Grain Belt

It’s universally accepted that Italians do certain things better than the rest of us. Suits, coffee, and pasta to name but a few. They also produce some of the finest leather around (which happens to be pretty good for making belts).

Case in point is this one from Bullhide. Made from Monte Carlo Italian leather, it’s the kind that just feels luxurious as soon as you put it on. Fuss-free and built to last, it’ll slip through the hoops of a range of pants—from selvedge denim to khakis and shorts.

Sizes Available: 32-54 | Colors Available: 3 | Width: 1.25in | Style: Smart-casual | Material: Full-grain Leather | Closure: Buckle

Dickies Casual Belt

For those guys with thick thighs and a little extra timber, sourcing a pair of suitable pants can prove a tricky task. Not to mention finding a belt to match. Thankfully, there are some brands out there that have your back.

Available in sizes 30-56, Dickies’ belt has been specifically designed for men of all figures, so you should have no problem finding one that’ll wrap around your waist. The 100% leather construction is smooth and durable, while there’s a matte finish harness buckle and a pointed tip that puts it firmly into the smart-casual category.

Sizes Available: 30-56 | Colors Available: 15 | Width: Unknown | Style: Smart-casual | Material: Leather | Closure: Buckle

Nocona Floral-Embossed Western Belt

You don’t have to herd cattle or attend rodeos to dress like a cowboy. Heck, you don’t even have to be a fan of Clint Eastwood (I’d find that a little strange, mind). Truth is, western-style clothing has been a mainstay in menswear for decades. And no ranch-inspired ensemble is complete without a suitable belt.

Loud, proud, and equipped with a badass buckle, this floral-embossed design from Nocona deserves a place in any weekend wardrobe. It doesn’t have anywhere to holster your pistol, but it’ll certainly be on the end of compliments as you sink a few at the saloon. Wear yours with a flannel shirt, jeans, and boots.

Sizes Available: 28-46 | Colors Available: 1 | Width: 38mm | Style: Western | Material: Leather | Closure: Buckle

Cobbler Union Braided Stretch Belt

Whether you’re roaming the narrow streets of Venice or sipping your favorite tipple in the South of France, there’s only one type of belt that’ll help you fine-tune your warm-weather looks. Casual while still remaining smart, the braided belt is a must-have for the sunny seasons.

Cobbler Union’s version offers an easy way to add texture to outfits (plus a punch of color). It’s been made with leather threads obtained from scraps of recycled leather and comes with a simple silver-tone buckle. You can wear it with smart shorts and a linen shirt, or slim-fitting jeans and a polo shirt.

Sizes Available: 34-41 | Colors Available: 1 | Width: Unknown | Style: Casual | Material: Recycled Leather | Closure: Buckle

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What to Look For When Buying The Best Leather Belts for Men


The most important thing to remember when buying a men’s leather belt is to choose the right size. If you already have a belt that fits, use this as your guide. Otherwise, you should take note of a brand’s size charts to find out what you need. It also helps to already know your waist measurements.


The width of a men’s leather belt will usually determine how smart or casual it is. Generally speaking, the wider the belt, the more casual it will feel. This means it’s best paired with jeans or khakis. Slimmer belts are often better for formal outfits or when wearing slacks. Whatever width you choose, just make sure it can fit through the loops on your pants.


The buckle can play a big part in a belt’s overall appearance. Which one you choose will depend on personal preference, but it’s also a good idea to think about where and when you intend to wear your new belt. If you’re going to be wearing it casually, a bigger belt buckle is suitable. For smarter ensembles, keep your buckle small and understated.

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Final Verdict

This guide to the best leather belts for men should now equip you with enough game-changing knowledge to make the right purchase. But if you still need a helping hand in picking your favorite, Luca Faloni’s calf leather version is a smart investment. Hand-stitched from full-grain leather, it’s durable, understated, and versatile enough to be worn with a wide range of outfits.


    • Needless to say, I’m certainly convinced. And it’s not just the novelty of a new purchase that has pulled my arm. Full-grain leather is extremely strong and durable, making it an excellent material to make belts (and a wise investment for your wardrobe).

      • The Italians are renowned for using the vegetable tanning process, which helps to create some of the finest full-grain leather. It is often softer and more durable than many of the other options available.

        • How long a leather belt lasts will depend on how often you use it and how well it’s looked after. With the right care, you can expect your belt to stay in a wearable condition for around 10 years. Some of the highest-quality leather belts may last even longer.

          • There are several ways you can spot a fake leather belt. Firstly, real leather products will usually make a point of telling you they are. You’ll also notice natural wrinkles in the material. The edges may also be slightly uneven on real leather, while it will have a leather smell instead of the synthetic/plastic whiff you get with a fake.

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