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Disney Responds To Complaints About Postponed Premiere Of Missing Everest Climber ‘Finding Michael’

Disney has been forced to apologise for the delay to its much hyped documentary Finding Michael, after furious waiting viewers took to social media.

Spencer Matthews, a familiar reality TV personality in the UK, has been doing the publicity rounds this week for the doc, which he presents about the search for his missing elder brother on Everest, due for launch on Friday March 3.

However, when the show failed to appear on the streaming platform, he was forced to take to Instagram to apologise for the delay, saying “the date had shifted” but giving no reason for the move.

Now Disney has released a statement to the UK’s Daily Mail, saying only:

“We’re sorry that the debut date for Finding Michael has shifted on Disney+. 

“We will let you know as soon as we have new timings for its launch. This will be in the near future. Thanks for your patience.”

There has been speculation that the documentary – telling the story of Michael Matthews’s disappearance in 1999 following his success in reaching the summit of Everest – involves footage of dead bodies discovered on the mountain, and that this has necessitated last-minute editing decisions.

However, fans have pointed out these changes could have been made long before the expected premiere date, with some expressing their disappointment and threatening to cancel their Disney+ subscriptions. Watch this space.

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