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15 Best Thick Hair Products, Plus How to Manage And Detangle Tresses

Michael calls this is ‘Diamond Dry Cut’ approach; sculpting dry so you can see the shape of hair evolve. This is particularly useful for thick hair as precise layering can add movement and balance, to ensure hair isn’t too bottom-heavy and ‘pulled down’ towards the ends, making it flat and lifeless.

Precision layering also cuts home-styling times in half, Michael says. “Clients of mine used to have bog-standard, one-length haircuts that were totally inappropriate on such thick, textured hair. Their home-styling times dropped from an entire hour to just 10 minutes.”

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If you’ve got long hair with layers, these are the best ways to totally transform your look while keeping all of the length

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What sort of hair brush should I use?

“Poor-quality hairbrushes can do enormous damage, both from the friction the bristles create on the hair shaft, to the snagging, tangling and breakage a poorly-designed brush will cause,” says Michael. “The type of bristle, the density of bristle, and the variation of bristle length are all critical to how the brush work.”

High-quality brushes come at high price points, but they’re one of the best investments you can make for your hair – a good hairbrush should last years, if not a lifetime.

Avoid brushing wet hair (stick to a wide-tooth comb) and try not to over-brush, Michael says. Long, thick hair may benefit from a paddle brush with a round brush for styling. Nylon bristles are great at detangling, as are boar bristles, which use the natural oils from your scalp and gently detangle without harsh pulling. There are plenty of synthetic and vegan options on the market, too.

What are the best products for thick hair?

When it comes to keeping thick hair healthy and manageable, the key is finding nourishing products that don’t weigh hair down. “Products that properly hydrate and soften the hair will put a more fluid, glossy vibe back into the look,” says Michael.

Some brands will point out the specific hair type a product is designed for, but most will claim it ‘suits all hair types’. Thick, coarse and curly hair tends to be thirstier due to the structure of the protective cuticle responsible for ‘waterproofing’ strands. Therefore, products designed to hydrate will always make a difference, especially if hair feels dry and coarse to touch. Thicker hair is also more likely to come into contact with heat tools (hands up if you have thick hair and rely heavily on GHDs to tame it every morning?) So damage-repair products are also no-brainer, especially if you colour treat your hair.

“Thick hair can be hard to control and often show signs of dryness and damage, so it’s important to use a moisturising and nourishing shampoo and conditioner,” confirms celebrity hair stylist Paul Percival. “Thick hair also craves extra hydration and nutrients to stop it from expanding outward, so I recommend a hair treatment once or twice a week to reduce frizz and add shine.”

These are our favourite products for keeping thick hair healthy, glossy and manageable…

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