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Tiffany Franco Gets Bluntly Honest About How “Scripted” 90 Day Fiance Is

Just a couple of months ago, Tiffany Franco was going strong with Dan.

She and Ronald Smith had a toxic cycle of breaking up and getting back together. Finally, she was able to move on.

Now that she’s out of her Ronald era, Tiffany is opening up to fans about her experiences filming for the 90 Day Fiance franchise.

A fan asked her if the show is “scripted,” as some viewers suspect. Tiffany astonished followers with the bluntness and honesty of her answer.

A series of recent posts to the algorithmic nightmare app TikTok strongly hint that Tiffany Franco is no longer with Dan. (Image Credit: TikTok)

Recently, Tiffany Franco took to Instagram to hold a Q&A session with her fans and followers.

For years, fans have insisted that 90 Day Fiance is “scripted,” pointing to claims that some bitter alums have made. Additionally, these skeptics have expressed that they do not believe that real people could have such dramatic lives.

So, naturally, one follower asked Tiffany, very bluntly, if this is true. Naturally, most would not have expected her to answer.

Tiffany Franco red blouse weight loss header pic

“No,” Tiffany replied. There’s a lot to say about her response, but let’s see her whole answer, first.

“But,” she continued, “they give you an idea of what topics to [bring] up.”

Tiffany explained that these prompts from production then function “to cover what needs to be shown on the show.”

90 Day: The Single Life Season 3 will include Tiffany Franco, who finally reached what we hope is a permanent “off again” point in her troubled, toxic relationship and is looking for something new. (Photo credit: Discovery Inc)

First of all, the “no” is important. A small number of alums have simply claimed that the show is “scripted,” especially when they do not like how fans perceive them.

But, as we have reported for years, 90 Day Fiance does not use is a script. If they did, and we found out about it, we would be only too excited to report it. That would be a huge scandal!

In reality, the franchise relies upon three major tools to turn people’s lives into entertainment.

The first is casting. This isn’t a scientific survey of random international couples. It’s a reality series.

That means that producers look to cast people with obvious stories to tell. Age gaps, obvious agendas, and glaring personality issues can get a rise out of viewers.

Naturally, they cast some likable folks, too. The show always needs balance. They cast potential recurring villains, potential fan-favorites, and a lot of couples with potential for both drama and closure.

The second tool is the one that Tiffany mentions — production meddling.

Now, the vast majority of the time, it is as she describes. Producers will ask the cast members to touch upon specific topics, things that they might otherwise have discussed privately. They can’t just film them eating breakfast and call it a day.

There have been extreme examples when production crossed the line. Asking questions or suggesting topics is one thing. But suggesting that a cast member’s friend cause problems on purpose (like David’s friend asking for a massage) is a step too far.

Chris Thieneman hugs David Toborowsky

Third, the show uses editing to do more than just turn months of recording into a dozen or so episodes of entertainment.

Editing, from the choice of music to what they do and do not show viewers, can skew how people view the cast.

One example? If a cast member cries severl times during months of stressful filming, creative editing can make it look as if they are “always” crying. And editing can also slyly conceal very reasonable causes for the tears.

Meanwhile, Tiffany has been dropping some not-so-subtle hints that she and Dan are done.

(You may have missed this, because TikTok is a hellish app where users have very little control of what videos they watch — at least, if they let the app’s hellish algorithm have its way)

But between seeming to frame herself as a clown for thinking that her new man was “different” and offering advice, Tiffany seems like she’s newly single.

She has yet to confirm this, of course. On TikTok or on, say, a social media app for adults.

We hope that she will update fans soon on what went wrong.

But then, we recently learned some 90 Day: The Single Life spoilers … and it’s possible that we’ll see Tiffany again on that season or another.

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