Jason Momoa Teases More ‘Aquaman’, DC Universe Future & David Zaslav Sit-Down

“I love [James] Gunn and so there’s gonna be some really cool things, what they’re doing with DC, and I definitely will be in more than just one,” Jason Momoa said Friday at the Sundance Film Festival when asked about his DC Universe future.

“There’s room for me to play a couple different [roles],” the Aquaman actor said.

“I’ve seen other actors do it. Yeah. I want a shot.”

At the Park City shindig ahead of tonight’s premiere of the documentary Deep Rising, on which Momoa serves as narrator and executive producer, the Game of Thrones alum detailed a recent meeting with Warner Bros Discovery CEO David Zaslav to blueprint his next steps at the media and comic book giant.

“We have a special relationship…I wish I could say more,” Momoa added when questioned if he would be exiting his DC superhero role as so many of his fellow Justice League-ers appear to be doing under the regime of Gunn and Peter Safran.

“I’ll always be Aquaman, and there’s a lot of evolution for that. So I’m not going anywhere and it’s very exciting,” the actor said.

With sequel Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom set for a Christmas Day release, Momoa is clearly a high priority for DC and WBD. Additionally, along with The Flash star Ezra Miller, Momoa had a short cameo in the Gunn-created Peacemaker Season 1 finale last year.

Joking that he could play multiple superhero characters, like how Ryan Reynolds has played Green Lantern and now Deadpool, Momoa left no doubt his conversation with Zaslav was a success on both sides of the table.

“It was really wonderful to be over there, and Warner Bros is a home,” he said.

“There’s a lot of things we’re going to be doing over there.”

The original 2018 Aquaman remains the highest-grossing DC movie ever at $1.1 billion worldwide.

While at the Deadline Sundance studio today, Momoa didn’t just speak about Deep Rising and DC, but also had a hallway Game of Thrones reunion with ex co-star Emilia Clarke. Clarke is at Sundance promoting Pod Generation, which is generating a lot of buzz.

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