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‘The Traitors’ Agent of Chaos Kate Chastain’s Strategy: “I Trusted No One”

Many have said you two should have your own Simple Life–esque spin-off or appear on a season of Ultimate Girls Trip. Would you be down?

Absolutely. I mean, it has been discussed. The idea’s been thrown around and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if some iteration of that happened. I would absolutely love to start getting on that Girls Trip train because it’s a little vacation, a little drama, go home.

It’s very fast and dirty.

Fast and dirty, exactly. I like that. And also, I’ve got some opinions about some of the Housewives that I would love to share with them.

And what a joy to see you share those with them. You’re a master at the confessional chair—how did you approach filming those on Traitors?

Yes, I do love a confessional. It feels like therapy. You get to sit down, which I love, and just talk a little smack about the people that are annoying you. It’s therapeutic. I would’ve done all confessionals in Scotland if that option had been presented.

People were suspicious of you almost immediately and never really let up in their convictions. Did that surprise you?

I was so surprised, I was disappointed because…I know I’m not a traitor, and the way you guys are just latched onto this idea is only showing me that you are really bad at this game. So, I don’t really feel encouraged, one, because you’re accusing me. Two, you won’t look elsewhere. And three, I don’t think the faithfuls are going to win, y’all. I wasn’t surprised at first because, of course, they’re going to go for the louder personalities, but when it just kept happening, it was confusing.

How long were roundtable discussions and banishments filmed for? And what were they like?

I would say roundtables were two hours. At first, they were very intimidating. If you speak, all eyes are on you; you could be on the chopping block. But then I remember they would line us up, and every night, everybody’s like, “Who’s it going to be?” Nervous. And I would just be like, “Let’s get ready to rumble.” To try and remind people this is a game. We’re not actually killing people. They were intense.

I was surprised by how no one could spell on the blackboards. 

[The name] Geraldine [Moreno]. Watching back, because it was so early in the season, we were all overwhelmed. I didn’t notice it at the time, but watching it for the first time when all the guys were like [writing], “G,” I’m like, “You never called her that nickname. Don’t try to make your lack of grammar look like a cute nickname that you have for the girl you’re voting out.” It was so funny. 

As you were continuously being nearly banished, your interest in participating in the challenges plummeted. At one point, you even dumped barrels worth thousands in prize money, mostly to prove a point. When was your peak moment of frustration in the process?

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