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Are Love in Paradise Throuple Frankie, Abby, and Gaby Still Together?

Now that a couple from Love in Paradise: The Caribbean is joining the new cast of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, fans are curious.

Where do the other couples stand? Do any of them have a shot at joining one of the more mainline series in the franchise?

Not every relationship is a “couple,” of course. In fact, Love in Paradise made 90 Day history recently. Part of that meant including a throuple. Sort of.

Where do things stand with Frankie Birdine, Gaby Nunez, and Abby Montoya?

Frankie met Abby and Gaby while on vacation in Mexico. Abby and Gaby have been a couple for more than a decade, and both are bisexual.

Often, bi people who are in relationships suffer erasure, as people assume that they are straight or gay.

But they hit it off with Frankie. The three ended up having a spontaneous threesome. After the seemingly one-time hookup, Frankie returned to Tennessee, but kept in touch with Abby.

“Abby and I have been carrying out our long-distance relationship in secret,” Frankie confessed to producers.

“I don’t want to hurt Gaby,” he emphasized during the June 2022 episode.

“And,” Frankie added, “I’m pretty sure that Abby doesn’t want to hurt Gaby either.” Certainly not!

This was not just a fling. Abby and Frankie had fallen in love. Neither of them wanted this to tear Abby away from Gaby.

Frankie’s grand romantic plan was simple: he would return to Mexico, propose to Abby, and start the K-1 visa process with her.

The plan would be to bring Gaby over as soon as they could, though that could be more complex. And it could leave both women separated for years. Worse, Gaby had no idea about the plan.

Clearly, all of this weighed heavily upon Frankie’s mind. Guilt over potentially turning Gaby’s world upside down occupied his thoughts.

He ended up abruptly canceling the trip to Puerto Vallarta. In fact, he basically just ghosted his would-be future wife and her partner.

In a weird twist that one has to imagine production pushed to make happen, Frankie’s friend Rodney went on a trip anyway. He had to break the news to Abby.

Frankie’s decision to ghost the couple instead of visiting did not prevent Gaby from learning the truth.

Abby’s prolonged relationship with Frankie wasn’t just talking — it was an affair.

Gaby very understandably felt like this, and these plans that Abby and Frankie made without her, were a betrayal.

“How is it possible you did not tell me when you knew he really wanted to marry you?” Gaby demanded.

“We were two,” she reminded her partner.

“We decided to include Frankie,” Gaby described, “and then he stabbed me in the back.” 

Eventually, Gaby had time to process all of this.

She decided that she does not “blame” Frankie for what went down. They were, after all, a throuple, albeit for a short time.

Ultimately, Gaby placed the blame upon poor communication. That is very generous of her, honestly.

Frankie is no longer in the picture. Not with Gaby and not with Abby.

However, Abby and Gaby are still together and going strong.

Just this month — January of 2023 — the two enjoyed a sailing trip as a couple. Good for them!

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