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Things We Saw Today: Please Cast Nicolas Cage in Star Trek!

Nic Cage on Jimmy Kimmel in a shiny suit

Maybe 2023 is starting off on a good foot after all! Nicolas Cage gave an interview with Yahoo Entertainment reporter Kevin Polowy on Friday in which he shared some surprising news while discussing his new film The Old Way.

Polowy mentioned he had heard rumors that Pedro Pascal was trying to recruit Cage to join the Star Wars family of television shows (and films) but Cage quickly jumped in and shut him down by revealing that he isn’t interested in Star Wars because… he’s a trekkie! That’s right! Apparently Cage is a diehard Star Trek fan and would only be interested in joining that long-running sci-fi franchise. To which I can only say, yes please! Who do we have to beg to make this happen! And also, can we please see him in full Klingon attire. That is my dearest wish.

Meanwhile, more horrifyingly evil anti-drag and anti-trans legislation is trying to push its way forward in Arizona. The three bills propose defining “people dressing opposite of their biological sex at birth and exaggerating their gender” as “adult content.” And also say that these “acts” can only be performed at strip clubs and after 12 noon on Sundays. Anyone who violates these laws would end up with a criminal record. These laws are not only heinous but stupid and a flagrant violation of civil liberties.

Basically, the only good thing to come out of the mess that was the House Speaker vote (er, votes) was Hakeem Jeffries’ speech accepting the torch from Nancy Pelosi. He took the GOP to school, and I mean literally! His clever and scathing speech went through the entire alphabet, from A to Z, letting the Republican congressmen have it! The library was open and they were read for filth. Now let’s see if he can put his money where his mouth is and actually stymy these bozos.

Oh and one more Mike Rogers brawl meme for the road because I can’t stop laughing:

On Reddit, the r/relationships subreddit stirred up some spicy holiday beef when a woman shared that her cousin gifted her OnlyFans link to the spouses and boyfriends of all of her relatives! When her family got upset her response was “it’s not sexual it’s just marketing.” Incredible stuff.

And finally, it’s time to dive into the murky world of YA/romance novel Twitter. You may remember romance novelist Susan Meachen making headlines recently after she revealed that she had not in fact died (by suicide) two years earlier. Well here is her “apology.”

Yes, you read that right. Not only did she not apologize, but she also claimed that faking her death was the same as writing a really great book! That she was just “creating a New Reality!” Honestly, this is one of the most delusional and hilarious double-downs I have ever seen. As Dril says “you do not, under any circumstances, “gotta hand it to them” but you can laugh your ass off because this is pure gold.

(Image: ABC)

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