Brit List 2022: Carnival Films Project Tops List Of Best Unproduced TV & Feature Scripts

A comedy-drama series from Downton Abbey producer Carnival Films about an ambitious young model tops this year’s Brit List of the best unproduced TV and film scripts.

Issy Knowles’ Model Behaviour has landed seven recommendations to put it two ahead of the second-placed Hat Trick Mercurio series The Hoax, which is based on the true story of a lonely Parisian ambulance driver who faked his own heroic involvement in the 2015 Bataclan massacre.

Scroll down to see the full Brit List.

Sex Education producer Eleven Film has three projects on the list, while the Ringside Studios-backed Joi Productions has two. The Crown producer Left Bank Pictures, ITV Studios-owned Tall Story Pictures, Banijay UK’s Kudos and Benedict Cumberbatch’s SunnyMarch also have projects featured in the list. Just three are features.

Curtis Brown has the most clients on the list with five, with The Agency, Independent Talent Group, Lark Management and Cassorotto Ramsay & Associates all repping multiple projects.

Inspired by the U.S. Black List, the scripts showcase is compiled each year from recommendations by British production companies, talent agencies, sales companies, financiers, distributors and broadcasters.

Scripts once again needed a minimum of six recommendations for inclusion, and 19 made it on to the list in total. Almost half were from female writers. A similar number were writers from diverse or underrepresented backgrounds – a record for the Brit List.

“The Brit List is committed to supporting writing talent from British writers of all backgrounds, and because of the way it is compiled, acts as a mirror held up to the UK industry,” said Brit List founder Alexandra Arlango.

Here’s the list:


MODEL BEHAVIOUR by Issy Knowles (Curtis Brown)
Producer: Carnival Films
Form: TV
Genre: Comedy Drama 

Summary: An ambitious young model puts everything on the line to achieve her dream of making it big, only to discover too late that success isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be. After being faced with the best and the worst the industry has to offer she must choose to live a lie in the limelight or turn her back on everything she has ever known.


THE HOAX by Sam Spinks & Mattias Mella (Curtis Brown) 

Producer: Hat Trick Mercurio
Form: TV
Genre: Drama

Summary: A 4-part drama inspired by the true story of the lonely Parisian ambulance driver who faked his own heroic involvement in the 2015 Bataclan attacks, and how the enormous lie unravelled.


LOCO PARENTIS by Matthew Jacobs Morgan (The Agency)

Producer: Joi Productions
Form: Feature
Genre: Dark Comedy

Summary: A dark comedy about a Queer Black man in his mid 30s who is desperately searching to find his role in life, grappling with what family means, especially when he falls in with a group of privileged white moms and a baby that isn’t his.

MAN LIKE ME by Richard Wood (Curtis Brown)

Producer: Left Bank Pictures
Form: TV
Genre: Grounded Sci-fi

Summary: In this grounded sci-fi pilot, a small coastal community experiences a wave of unnatural activity when a mysterious stranger arrives in town.


WITHOUT YOU by Sharmila Chauhan (Dench Arnold) 
Producer: Available
Form: Feature
Genre: Drama

Summary: In the face of her mother’s death, Shiv unearths the family’s secret of intra-family adoption. Throwing her own ideas of motherhood and sibling love into question, she is forced to face the cycles of her past, and whether she’s given too much to the people she loves.

TWO BECOME ONE by Isaac Tomiczek (The Agency)
Producer: Joi Productions
Form: Feature
Genre: Coming-of-age Comedy-drama

Summary: A vibrant and uplifting coming-of-age comedy-drama that captures the spirit of ‘Cool Britannia’, as it follows two sisters’ attempts to attend The Spice Girls’ rumoured final concert. Escaping their strained family life and small town, they set off for London on an adventure-filled quest of scrapes, capers, and conflict set to a soundtrack of 90’s Britpop classics.


NIGHT SHIFTS by Tom Clapham (Independent Talent Group)

Producer: Available
Form: TV
Genre: Surreal Comedy Drama

Summary: I will Joe and Gemma, two strangers to one another, have their lives upended when a mysterious connection is formed between them every time they fall asleep. Night Shifts is a surreal comedy-drama about a universal accident like no other.



Producer: Available
Form: TV
Genre: Drama

Summary: After an incident at a birthday party, best mates Olive, Sorcha and Pamela get a taste for justice, setting off a dangerous chain of events for the boys of a small Essex town and the girls themselves.

STAMFORD HILL by Evan Placey (The Agency)

Producer: Tall Story Pictures       
Form: TV
Genre: Contemporary Crime Thriller

Summary: Detective Inspector, Yael Rosen, must return to the Hassidic Jewish community and family she left behind 20 years earlier to investigate the murder of a young man in Stamford Hill.


SELF by Rose Lewenstein (Lark Management)

Producer: Kudos
Form: TV
Genre: Drama Comedy

Summary: On the cusp of 30, Eve reflects on her life and how it hasn’t turned out the way she’d imagined. Running away from memories of a trauma she experienced as a teenager, Eve realises she can see, and interact with, her 15 year-old self.

ANONYMOUS by Danny McNamara & Lauren McNamara (Casarotto)

Producer: Eleven Film
Form: TV
Genre: Crime Thriller

Summary: William Clarke has no idea how he came to be running for his life in the middle of the night, or why a seemingly normal family would try to bludgeon him to death in the street. He also has no idea why there’s a group of anonymous vigilantes committing increasingly ambitious crimes wearing a mask of his face. ANONYMOUS is a gripping crime thriller set in West Yorkshire, where the boundless and mythical moors collide with the urban dystopia of Halifax.

LOVE AT SECOND SIGHT by Zina Wegrzynski (Casarotto)
Producer: Eleven Film
Form: TV
Genre: Comedy Drama

Summary: A teen psychic may be able to see the future – but her anxiety means she can’t always trust what she sees. Now she has to figure out what she wants to do with her life, whilst juggling school and new love interest Teo, the one thing she didn’t see coming.


WONDERLAND by Juno Dawson (Mulcahy Sweeney Associates Ltd) 
Producer: The Lighthouse Film and Television
Form: TV
Genre: YA Drama

Summary: Based on Juno Dawson’s best-selling YA novels, Clean, Meat Market and Wonderland. A twisted urban fairy tale in which three seemingly unconnected teenage girls are thrown together following the death of a socialite.

DEBRIS by Matt Hartley (United Agents)       

Producer: Clerkenwell Films
Form: TV
Genre: Thriller

Summary: A small Devonshire fishing community’s world is turned upside down when a mysterious boat is found floating out at sea. A character led thriller, shining a light on the world tourists never see in coastal villages and the lengths those who live there will go to to survive.


MOUSE CIRCUS by Jodie Ashdown (Berlin Associates)

Producer: Boom
Form: TV
Genre: Comedy Drama

Summary: Darkly comic mystery drama about a hotel maid in her 60s with a love of taxidermy who yearns for a Hollywood romance. The only thing standing in her way is her boring husband.

LONG LOST by Abi Hynes (Independent Talent Agency) 

Producer: SunnyMarch
Form: TV
Genre: Drama Crime Thriller

Summary: Radio presenter Anna is contacted by her estranged sister, Sophie, when their mum unexpectedly sells their childhood home with the body of their abusive father, who they killed when they were teenagers, still hidden inside it.

PARADISE by Liv Little (Lark Management)

Producer: Available
Form: TV
Genre: Thriller

Summary: Paradise is Search Party meets Lena Waithe’s Twenties; a propulsive, twisty LGTBQ+ thriller touching on wellness conspiracy theories, the growing pains involved with existing in your twenties, and what it means to feel safe and visible as a queer person in the UK, all with a bit of the absurd fun of Knives Out for good measure.

DAD JOKE by Joshua Robertson & David Abramsky (The Galton Agency & Unrepresented)

Producers: Eleven Film in association with Bluebird Films
Form: TV
Genre: Comedy Drama

Summary: When Joshua, a disabled stand-up comedian finds out his fiancée Jen is pregnant, he’s finally ready to bare his soul onstage in a desperate bid to ‘make it’ before fatherhood hits. But as he throws everything into his hunt for fame, he risks losing his family.

THE KATE RESIGNATION by Will Truefitt (Curtis Brown)

Producer: Available
Form: TV
Genre: Comedy Thriller

Summary: When a downtrodden personal assistant witnesses the murder of her arsehole film director boss, she’ll have to do whatever it takes to survive. Unfortunately, her biggest obstacle may be the long-term boyfriend she was about to dump, who now insists on going on the run with her.

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