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Coronation Street spoilers: First look at all-new pics for Oct 10-14

Next week’s Coronation Street spoilers reveal that Stu finally finds out the truth about who really killed Charlie.

Who is the real murderer?

Elsewhere, Aaron’s dad gets injured in a house fire.

And, Tracy has a plan to get rid of Wendy.

All this and more in next week’s Coronation Street spoilers.

1. Coronation Street spoilers: Aaron’s dad gets hospitalised

Coronation Street Aaron by his dad's hospital bed side

When Aaron gets lots of angry texts from his dad, Billy and Todd go and visit him.

They then tell Aaron that he was drunk and angry.

A while later, Aaron’s shocked when the police turn up and tell him that his dad’s in hospital.

Coronation Street Aaron worried by his dad's hospital bed side

Hearing that he’s been injured in a house fire, Aaron visits his dad in hospital.

When his dad comes round, Aaron’s grateful but his dad wishes that he had died in the fire.

Aaron’s heartbroken at his dad’s comment and blames himself for not being there to look after him.

Coronation Street Aaron looking down sadly at Summer

Later on, Summer tells Aaron that she’ll help him out, but he tells her that his sole focus right now is his dad.

Seeing that Summer is upset, Billy signs her up to help out at a charity clothes swap event.

But, will this help Summer take her mind off of Aaron?

2. Dee-Dee decides to stay

Coronation Street Dee-Dee looking happy with Ed and Aggie

Michael asks Dee-Dee how long she is staying in Weatherfield but Dee-Dee feels like her family is eager to see her go.

Dee-Dee later thinks things through and decides that she’d rather stay in the Bailey house than go back to her lonely life in LA.

With this, she quits her job in America and gets ready to start a new life on the cobbles, much to Aggie’s delight.

3. Tracy gets revenge on Wendy in Coronation Street spoilers

Coronation Street Wendy, Ken and friends at the book launch in The Bistro

Mary tells Tracy that Ken ditched their conversation to be with Wendy, making Tracy realise that her dad is seeing his ex-lover.

Wendy gifts Ken tickets to a book launch at The Bistro but things don’t go smoothly when Tracy turns up and begs her dad to see sense.

Coronation Street Wendy, Ken and friends at the book launch in The Bistro

Later on, Tracy changes her tactics and pretends to apologise to Wendy and Ken, offering to make them a meal.

However, when Tracy serves Wendy Deirdre‘s specialty, stuffed marrow, Ken is furious.

Will Tracy’s plan drive Wendy away?

4. Stu finds out the truth

Coronation Street Stu talking to a crying Bridget outside

Yasmeen manages to get Bridget and Eliza to visit Stu for brunch, without Lucy knowing.

However, when Eliza asks her granddad about prison, Bridget gets emotional and runs into the garden.

Coronation Street Bridget crying outside with mascara running down her face

Bridget can’t take listening to her dad plead his innocence anymore.

He is shocked by what she reveals to him.

Coronation Street Stu looking upset outside speaking to Bridget

Later on, Alya gets the DNA results back and finds out the shocking truth.

But, who really murdered Charlie?

5. Max is in trouble

Coronation Street David and Max looking frustrated at Roy's

Max teams up with his new friend, Daryan, on a school project but things soon turn bitter when he finds out that he’s not allowed back into Weathy High.

He blames Daryan for taking his place at the school.

Coronation Street Maria and Daryan looking shocked at Roy's

Later on, Maria tells David that she’s been getting more death threats on an article about rehoming refugees.

David starts to become suspicious that Max is behind them as revenge against Daryan.

Coronation Street Max looking shifty

Later on, David gets the police to interrogate Max and go through his laptop.

As the police come round to speak to David and Max, Max shows his frustration.

But, has Max gone back to his old ways?

6. Sally catches Tim out

Coronation Street Aggie, Sally and Tim drinking at The Bistro

Tim arrives home and joins in with Sally’s aerobics workout, with the pair soon sharing a kiss.

They then have sex before going out to The Bistro to celebrate their anniversary.

However, when Ed asks the couple to join him and Aggie, things get messy.

Coronation Street Aggie, Sally and Tim eating and drinking at The Bistro

Sally compliments the necklace that Tim got Aggie, but she makes out that it’s an old one.

Aggie looks puzzled at Sally and Tim’s sudden sexual chemistry, so Tim sends her a text to explain how they have just had sex.

However, when Tim accidentally sends the text to Sally.

7. Harvey contacts Nick

Leanne and Nick looking angrily down at Harvey's letter

Nick and Leanne are shocked to find out that Harvey wants them to visit him in prison.

Whilst Nick rips up the visiting orders, Leanne starts to consider going to visit him.

But, what does Harvey want?

8. Fern tricks Bernie

Coronation Street Fern tricking Bernie

Bernie tells Fern that she’s got a new cleaning job at a high-end agency, but Fern tells her that the agency is awful, and she shouldn’t go.

When Bernie goes out to get a takeaway, Fern grabs a bank statement and a top of Bernie’s and makes a run for it.

Coronation Street Fern looking suspicious

Bernie later tells Gemma more about Fern, but she reckons that her mum has made her up.

What is Fern planning to do with Bernie’s things?

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Coronation Street usually airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV.

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