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Emmerdale: From Lisa to Alice, the saddest Dingle deaths ever

Emmerdale has had more than its fair share of deaths over the years and some have been truly heartbreaking.

The ITV soap is celebrating its 50th anniversary this month and it’s safe to say that it will be a tearjerker.

Faith in Emmerdale
Faith Dingle will soon die in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

Viewers know that Faith Dingle will die at some point over the month.

And with a lead up that has seen her discover she has terminal cancer, reunite with her son Cain, and then try to desperately hide the fact the cancer is robbing her of her own mind, it’s bound to be emotional.

But Faith isn’t the first Dingle to die in Emmerdale.

Here are some of the most heartbreaking and saddest Dingle deaths in the ITV soap’s history.

Emmerdale Lisa dies on the sofa at the Dingles
Zak was distraught to find Lisa dead (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Saddest Dingle deaths – Lisa

This one was a shock – and devastating.

In May 2019 Lisa Dingle died hours after remarrying love of her life, Zak Dingle.

It had been revealed back in March, in a special all-female episode to celebrate International Women’s Day, that Lisa was dying of an incurable heart condition.

She kept the secret to herself, and Charity, before breaking the heartbreaking news to her devastated family.

Her family, and viewers, thought Lisa had months to live – but it wasn’t to be.

After completing the number one wish on her bucket list: to marry Zak again, she returned home to change her clothes, sat down on the sofa for a rest, and died peacefully.

Zak discovered her and sobbed: “Nooo, this is too soon, Lisa.”


The death of Tricia Dingle was one of the big shocks in Emmerdale history.

Tricia was married to Marlon Dingle and they had left the village two months after their Valentine’s Day 2003 wedding so she could star in a Bollywood movie.

As soap romances go, the couple were split apart and Marlon ended up cheating on his wife with, er, his cousin Charity.

Tricia was devastated and decided to leave him and the village.

However Marlon’s attempts to win her back with a touching letter worked – but it brought her back during a storm that saw her crushed under a collapsing Woolpack window.

Tricia was discovered under the rubble by Marlon and Diane and airlifted to hospital.

However, she was declared brain dead after sustaining massive internal injuries and having a cardiac arrest. Marlon made the devastating decision to turn off her machine.

Saddest Dingle deaths in Emmerdale – Alice

Nothing could prepare viewers for Alice’s death in 2006.

There can’t have been a dry eye in the house when Sam Dingle’s wife decided to take her own life rather than let the terminal cancer rob her of her dignity.

She had made a devastating hard decision after discovering she was pregnant with son Samson – and also suffering from cancer.

Alice refused to terminate her pregnancy to start chemotherapy and gave birth to Samson prematurely in January 2006.

But when she finally started her treatment it was too late and there was nothing anyone could do.

So she stopped her treatment and decided to end her own life passing away in Sam’s arms with Samson next to them.


Gut-wrenching is not the word for this storyline, that saw Chas Dingle and Paddy Kirk discover their much longed for baby would not survive after being born.

Baby Grace was diagnosed with bilateral renal agenesis, which means her kidneys didn’t develop properly while in the womb.

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The couple made the decision to carry on with the pregnancy. Even though they knew the heartbreaking truth. So Grace’s body could be used to help other children in need of organs.

Chas gave birth to their little girl in harrowing scenes. She was forced to say goodbye to her when she died in her arms.

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