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Crossfire episode 2 on BBC One: 6 questions we want answered after watching

Crossfire episode 2 was seriously intense as Jo and her friends tried to survive a terrifying shoot out in the BBC One thriller.

Throughout the episode, we saw Jo and hotel manager Mateo sneaking around the hotel, attempting to rescue guests.

But will Jo’s former police skills and Mateo’s antique rifles be enough to save everyone?

The end of the second episode left us on another shocking cliffhanger between young gunman Flavio and protective mother Jo.

And we can’t wait to find out what happens next in the third and final episode (Thursday September 22 2022)!

In the meantime, here’s 6 questions we want answered after Crossfire episode 2.

***Warning: spoilers from episode 2 of Crossfire ahead***

Flavio looking afraid in Crossfire
Flavio and his brother were working with the gunmen (Credit: BBC)

Why are Flavio and his brother working with the gunmen?

At the start of Crossfire episode 2, we saw Flavio sitting on the beach with his brother.

Of course, viewers knew that Flavio was the same young boy who shot Chinar in Crossfire episode 1.

In the flashback, we saw Flavio being first told about the diabolical plan to attack the hotel.

But, unlike the rest of the gunmen, Flavio was afraid and didn’t actually want to harm anyone.

We even saw him let three of the boys go in the first episode!

Flavio was clearly struggling to go through with his task, but why is he a part of the plan in the first place?

Why is he being forced to follow the gunmen’s orders?

Crossfire episode 2: Where are Kim and Sunny?

In Crossfire episode 2, Ben continued to look frantically for Kim and Sunny.

In the first episode, Ben and the two children were one of the few to escape the hotel and make it out to safety.

But the struggle didn’t end there!

With no kids of his own, Ben (Daniel Ryan) clearly has a lack of experience when it comes to looking after children.

Ben left Kim and Sunny on their own when he went to help an old injured couple.

But, when he went back to look for the pair, Kim and Sunny were gone.

In episode 2, we saw Ben desperately searching for the kids but no one had seen them.

Ben was eventually reunited with Adam and two of Chinar’s sons towards the end of the episode.

But his search for Kim and Sunny still isn’t over!

So where are they and are the pair okay?

Ben with two children in Crossfire
Ben lost Kim and Sunny in Crossfire episode 2 (Credit: BBC)

Why did Flavio let Amara go?

After losing her mum again in episode 2 of the BBC One drama, Amara found herself wandering the hotel, desperately looking for somewhere to hide.

Eventually, she found a bathroom with a lock but she wasn’t alone…

Someone else was lurking outside the bathroom door!

A pool of blood then began to seep in from underneath the door and Amara opened it to find a wounded girl on the floor.

When she looked up she met Flavio, the young gunman from before.

Amara recognised Flavio and recalled meeting him at the beach.

She then pleaded for her life and begged him to let her go, claiming that she understood how the young boy felt.

Amara’s words clearly hit a nerve with Flavio and he surprisingly let her go.

Could this mean that Flavio could finally be on his way to redemption?

Crossfire episode 2: Is Jason dead?

In episode 2 of the thriller, we saw Jason laying on the floor of his hotel room, still trying to come to terms with Jo and Chinar’s affair.

Jason eventually had the courage to phone his mum and tearfully tell her that he’s okay.

However, he wasn’t going to be for long.

Shortly after, Jason heard someone knocking on the doors of the hotel rooms.

He opened his hotel door slightly and found a gunman dressed in black outside in the hallway.

Jason quickly locked the door and ran to the balcony.

Unsure of what to do next, he hung from the balcony and tried to get a good landing on the floor below.

But instead, Jason dropped on his back and was left unconscious on the floor with what appeared to be a broken leg.

Is he dead?

Jason smiling in Crossfire
Jason fell from a balcony in Crossfire episode 2 (Credit: BBC)

Crossfire episode 2: Will Abhi and Miriam be okay?

In episode 2, Miriam used her expertise as a doctor to tend to the injured in the hotel kitchens, while her longtime friend Abhi (Anneika Rose) assisted.

As more joined the pair in the kitchens, the place became crowded with injured civilians seeking refuge.

But sadly, the kitchens weren’t as safe as they all thought.

Things took a turn for the worse, when we found out that one of the staff members, Iker, was secretly working with the shooters.

Iker told one of them where they were all hiding and a gunman was sent on his way.

When one of the gunmen met them all in the kitchen, he gathered up all the civilians in one place and locked the door, holding them all hostage.

So what does this mean Abhi and Miriam?

Will the pair manage to make it out alive?

Will Jo be able to save her daughter?

At the end of episode 2, Keeley Hawes‘ Jo was relieved as she finally reunited with her daughter Amara.

But the pair weren’t alone, as they were spotted by the young gunman Flavio.

Even though Flavio let Amara go earlier on in the episode, he didn’t stop to save her this time.

In an intense scene, Flavio chased the mother and daughter throughout the hotel and eventually up the stairs.

But what he doesn’t know, is that Jo was waiting for him at the top with a rifle in hand!

So who will win the face off?

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Crossfire concludes on Thursday September 22 2022 at 9pm on BBC One.

What did you think about Crossfire episode 2? Leave us a comment on our Facebook page @EntertainmentDailyFix and let us know.

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