Introducing NELA Records

FM: Thank you for your time. We are so excited to chat Bulat with NELA Records. For those of us who don’t know – give us a little insight to what NELA Records is and what you do.

We are a Music Marketing Agency that focuses on running campaigns on social media, Facebook/Instagram/Youtube. Also we are a content creation studio in North East Los Angeles (Highland Park, Eagle rock etc), hence NELA Records. We can record your social media posts, or youtube videos, podcasts etc. and then help to market them!

We love the idea behind NELA Records. When did you open NELA and what has been the most rewarding experience and the most difficult? 

The most rewarding experience has been meeting incredible musicians! We all got a little detached from one another during the pandemic so I almost forgot how many incredibly talented and hardworking musicians there are out there and helping them achieve their dreams has been extremely rewarding.

The most difficult part has been overcoming my own fears and anxieties about opening a new business, even though this is what I have been doing for the last 15 years!

Bulat we also learned that you are a musician as well. So cool. Tell us a little more about that? 

Yeah, I started making music when I was about 16 years old. I play guitar, drums, bass, keys, I sing and I produce and record all my own stuff! My passion was sitting in a studio and recording my own songs but I was never any good at marketing them, so when I started to get into that side of the music business it dawned on me that this is a service that musicians could really use to accelerate their career growth, instead of learning the hard way over 15 years!

2022 is going by so fast – what is the plan for NELA Records for the rest of the year?

Well the business is just starting so the main focus right now is to put out a whole bunch of content on our social media channels and to make sure everything is ready to go come the new year.

For anyone interested where can they find NELA Records?


@nelarecords – IG/Tik-Tok


End of Interview

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