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Crossfire episode 1: 5 questions we have after watching BBC One drama

After a long and patient wait, Crossfire episode 1 finally landed and it was as good as we’d hoped!

The BBC One miniseries tells the chilling story of a holiday resort that gets turned into a scary shoot out.

In episode 1, we met Jo and her friends and family whose lives get turned upside down when their luxury holiday was ambushed by a group of gunmen.

And, after an hour of nail-biting drama, the heartbreaking ending left us with so many questions!

Here are the 5 burning questions we have after watching episode 1 of Crossfire.

***Warning: spoilers from Crossfire episode 1 ahead***

Flavio looks afraid in the first episode of Crossfire
A young boy named Flavio worked with the gunmen (Credit: BBC)

Who are the gunmen and what do they want?

In episode 1 of Crossfire, Jo’s holiday at a luxury hotel in the Canary Islands turned into a living nightmare.

Viewers saw Jo in her hotel room, sunbathing on a lounger and texting her mystery lover while her kids played by the pool.

But her quiet holiday quickly turned to tragedy when she heard gunshots!

Suddenly the resort was under siege by a group of men wearing black and carrying guns.

But who are they? And what do they want?

Towards the end of the episode, we met a gunman who crossed paths with the character of Chinar and his sons.

After letting the kids go free, the gunman pulled down his face covering and revealed that he is just a scared young boy himself.

But what on earth was he doing at the hotel shooting? And are all the shooters that young?

Jo looks concerned in Crossfire
Jo’s husband Jason revealed that she left her job as a police officer (Credit: BBC)

Crossfire episode 1: Why did Jo quit being a police officer?

During their first night at the hotel, Jo and her friends met another holidaymaker.

They started to play a game where the stranger tried to guess what their jobs they all did.

When it was Jo’s turn to reveal her job, she confessed that she was a security officer at a store.

However, the man seemed disappointed with her answer…

So, in an attempt to impress the stranger, she admitted that she used to be a police officer.

But their fun game suddenly turned nasty, when her spiteful husband (played by Lee Ingleby) revealed that she didn’t leave her job as a police officer for the reason that she likes to tell people.

He said: “Being a street copper was never really your strong point was it?

“She likes to tell people that she gave up policing to be a mother, but that’s not really true is it?”

So why did Jo quit being a police officer? Is there a much darker reason behind her decision to leave the force?

Chinar wearing sunglasses in Crossfire
Jason found out that his wife and best friend have been texting each other behind his back (Credit: BBC)

Are Jo and Chinar having an affair?

During episode 1, we discovered that Jo, played by Keeley Hawes, had been swapping steamy messages with a mystery man.

And when her husband Jason scrolled through her phone to snoop, he discovered a photo of the man she’d been texting – and it wasn’t at all who we’d expected!

He finds out that she’d secretly been texting their pal Chinar!

Sounds like ‘Mr and Mrs Perfect’ aren’t so perfect, after all!

Later on in the episode, we saw a flashback of Jo and Chinar at an NYE party with their family and friends.

Jo found Chinar in one of the bedrooms and sparks began to fly between the pair.

The two sat together on one of the beds and the scene cut out before we could see any more!

So are Jo and Chinar really having an affair? And how long has their scandalous secret been going on for?

Chinar talking to his boys in Crossfire
Chinar sacrificed himself for his kids (Credit: BBC)

Crossfire episode 1: Is Chinar dead?

After Jason found out about the messages between Chinar and Jo, he felt betrayed by both his wife and his best friend.

He used Jo’s phone to send a hateful message to Chinar, the man he thought was his friend.

He said: “You’re my oldest friend. I’ve known you since we were 11. You’re a godfather to my son.

“I hope they [bleep] shoot you.”

Little did he know that his words could’ve jinxed the fate of his friend!

Viewers then cut to a heartbreaking scene…

We saw Chinar surrender himself to the gunman in a desperate bid to save his kids.

He distracted the shooter by walking slowly towards him with his hands in the air, so the boys could run away and escape.

Viewers were then left gripping the edge of their seats as Chinar fought for his life in an intense showdown against the shooter.

Suddenly we heard a gun shot and Chinar looked defeated on the floor with a bullet in his chest.

Chinar’s wound looked fatal, but is it really over for the father-of-four?

We really hope not!

Is the hotel staff member working with the gunmen?

Shortly before the gunshots were fired, we saw a young staff member looking nervously at his phone.

In fact, he appeared to be on edge throughout the first half of the episode, before their slice of paradise was disturbed by the shooters.

It was almost as if he knew that the shooting was going to happen.

Towards the end of the episode, we saw him reach to pick up a knife in a room full of injured and scared civilians.

But why?

Could this just be for self-defence or is he working with the gunmen?

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The second episode of Crossfire airs on Wednesday September 21 2022 at 9pm on BBC One.

What did you think of Crossfire episode 1 on BBC One? Leave us a comment on our Facebook page @EntertainmentDailyFix and let us know.

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