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Ridley on ITV: Will there be a series 2 of the Adrian Dunbar drama?

The first season of Ridley on ITV1 lured us slowly into the world of the retired detective played by Adrian Dunbar, and now we’re so hooked we want a series 2.

But has ITV recommissioned the drama for another run?

The creator of the show and the cast have weighed in on whether the ITV1 show could continue for a second series.

Here’s what we know…

***Warning: possible spoilers from Ridley series 1 ahead***

Adrian Dunbar as Alex Ridley, he stands in plain clothes in a field with police tape across the picture
Four episodes of Ridley just weren’t enough! (Credit: ITV)

Will there be a series 2 of Ridley?

While ITV hasn’t officially confirmed a second series of Ridley, they’d be mad not to!

The show’s creator, Paul Thomas Anderson, also writes for the long-running drama, Vera.

When asked if he could see Ridley running for 12 series like Vera is, he said: “Well, I think Ridley should definitely be retired by then!

“Vera’s still going. That’s the one word we’re never allowed to mention. Retirement.”

Meanwhile, Adrian Dunbar, added what it’s like to make a brand new show after filming long-running series like Line of Duty.

The Alex Ridley star said: “It’s an honour really, not a lot of people get a chance to do something like this.

“To really get to put your own stamp on it and pull it along.

“You start to think about what’s going to happen here and there.

“It was such a buzz to see so many hard-working people, working so hard to make something good.

“That’s not something you always get it.

“But I got support from everyone from hair and make-up to costumes – just everybody was really rooting for this to go well.”

As for a series 2, he said: “So, we shall see! We’ll see if it goes well.”

Well, we’d say the show has gone well so far!

Bronagh Waugh as Carol (left), Adrian Dunbar as Ridley (right) They stand in a farm with a murder victims wife in the first episode
Adrian Dunbar leads the cast alongside Bronagh Waugh (Credit: ITV)

Will Adrian Dunbar return for series 2 of the show?

When asked what he thinks makes fans love a show, Adrian added: “It’s hard.

“Series like this – the audience wants to have an emotional connection with the person and you’re in Lancashire, you’re in the North.

“You’re not going to warm to someone who’s always bounding around, I think people will warm to him and what he’s gone through.

“He’s tough, he’s not able to give a lot but he could.

“We can develop that.”

Adrian added: “That’s exciting for me, the whole thing is still in development.

“He has a sense of humour.

“We want him to laugh at stuff; he’s got a sense of humour but we haven’t quite found it yet.

“There’s a redemption storyline, it’s really the journey he’s on.

“He doesn’t know where he’ll find it.

“Even the people you think won’t be supportive are, they support him. It’s got a great heart there.”

So, it sounds like Adrian is definitely up for developing the character more, and we would love to see more Ridley too!

AdrIan Dunbar as Ridley, he stands on the Moors on the phone
Would you watch a second series of Ridley? (Credit: ITV)

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What could the second series of Ridley be about?

ITV shares that the fourth and final episode of the first series of Ridley will see Ridley and Carol called out to investigate the death of a man after a fall from his balcony.

We’re told: “During the investigation, Ridley makes a shocking discovery between the current murder case, and the arson attack which killed his family.”

While we finally get some answers on exactly how Ridley lost his wife and daughter, we’d still love to know more about Alex Ridley’s past.

The second series could also further explore Carol and her relationship with her wife.

And dare we hope for a romance between Alex and friend Annie Marling, played by Julie Graham?

Watch this space!

Ridley concludes on Sunday September 18 2022 on ITV. All episodes of the show are available on the ITV hub after airing.

Do you want a series 2 of Ridley? Leave us a comment on our Facebook page @EntertainmentDailyFix and let us know what you think of this story.

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