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‘RGIP’ Star Margaux Lignel Reacts To Co-Star Victoria Coming Out As Bisexual: I’m ‘Really Proud Of Her’

During the premiere of Bravo’s Real Girlfriends in Paris on Monday, September 5, Texas native Victoria Zito came out as bisexual to her fellow cast members at a dinner party. Before the episode aired, Victoria’s best friend and co-star Margaux Lignel spoke to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY and revealed that although she already knew about Victoria’s sexuality, she was still deeply moved by her friend’s bravery in that moment. “I was really proud of her. I even say that in the confessional. I didn’t realize the weight that was on her chest until she started telling the other girls” she told us.

Margaux Lignel and Victoria Zito
Margaux Lignel and Victoria Zito (Photo: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo)

Margaux, who was born to French parents in New York, but is now embracing life in the City of Light, continued to commend Victoria, saying, “I was raised in the West Village in New York. It’s like oh you’re straight, you’re gay, you’re bi. I’m really so used to it, I wouldn’t even double think it. But for her and her upbringing, where she came from, it’s something that I did not go through. So I understand now why it’s so much more emotional and why there’s so many more layers to it and all of that.”

Real Girlfriends in Paris
Real Girlfriends in Paris (Photo: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo)

Victoria is recently divorced and has a burning passion for fashion as she charts her own path in Paris. The new Bravo series will explore Victoria and Margaux living abroad with fellow Americans Emily Gorelik, Anya FirestoneKacey Margo, and Adja Toure. Margaux told HL that viewers will get to see the fun dynamics between the group of six friends throughout the season.

“Obviously there’s some girls I got closer to and less close to throughout the season. My closest friend I knew prior to the filming which is Victoria and she’s still my day one,” Margaux explained. “We all love each other and get along really well, but you’ll see as the season progresses obviously how friendships go and groups go. We’re six girls, we’re not all gonna be equally best friends.”

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