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Coronation Street spoilers: First look at all-new pics for Aug 22-26

Coronation Street spoilers for next week reveal Stu finds an ally in Yasmeen.

However, with the rest of the cobbles against him, can she really help him prove his innocence?

Also in Corrie spoilers next week, Aadi woos Kelly then loses her?

All this and more in next week’s Coronation Street spoilers.

1. Stu finds a friend

Corrie Alya visits Stu in prison who explains himself

After going through his case files, Alya discovers Stu was interviewed for over 10 hours which is illegal.

She visits Stu in prison and tells him there’s also a tape missing.

Corrie Alya visits Stu in prison who explains himself

They are interrupted when Yasmeen arrives to visit Stu too.

Alya leaves them to it and Stu finally gets his chance to explain.

Corrie Alya visits Stu in prison who explains himself

Stu tells Yasmeen the whole story of his affair.

He asks her to talk to his old solicitor, who confirms Stu was coerced into his confession.

2. Stu comes home

Coronation Street Stu faces Yasmeen

Stu is released from prison and is shocked to find Yasmeen waiting for him.

She tells him she believes he is innocent and is going to help him prove it.

Corrie Dev and Bernie looks angry

Back on the cobbles, Stu gets a hostile reaction from Dev and Bernie.

But he is rescued by Yasmeen and her family.

Corrie Stu looks serious

Yasmeen insists he’s moving back in with her at No.6.

However, she insists he must tell Bridget he is intending to fight his conviction first.

3. Kelly and Aadi step things up

Corrie Kelly and Aadi grow closer

Kelly and Aadi enter a ‘win a dream wedding’ competition to get a free holiday.

They have to take part in a Mr and Mrs quiz so start to swot up.

Coronation Street Kelly and Aadi kiss

They both confess they’ve never had a sexual relationship before.

It’s not long before they kiss and one things leads to another.

Corrie Aadi looks quizzically at Kelly

Aadi later presents Kelly with his mum’s engagement ring.

Kelly is thrilled and completely smitten.

4. Kelly kicks off

Corrie Aadi is shocked to see the car crashed into a bollard

After overhearing Aadi tell Asha their engagement is just a joke, Kelly is devastated.

She steals Aadi’s new car and speeds off.

Corrie Aadi is shocked to see the car crashed into a bollard

Aadi gives chase on Asha’s old princess bike.

He finds his car crashed into a bollard, but is Kelly okay?

5. Stephen butters Sarah up

Corrie Stephen smiles as he talks to Sarah in the factory

Stephen charms Sarah insisting she’s the brains of the business.

He suggests she take out a loan so she can buy Carla out of the factory.

Corrie Carla is concerned about Stephen, but Ken vouches for him and Peter backs him

Carla is concerned when Sarah wants to hire Stephen as a consultant, but Ken and Peter convince her she should.

Carla relents and gets Stephen on board, but will she live to regret it?

6. Aaron tries to help Summer

Coronation Street Aaron and Summer disagree at a meeting with a diabetic nurse

Summer‘s diabetic nurse tells her she needs a flash monitor and Summer’s annoyed when Aaron agrees.

But she later lies to Billy she doesn’t qualify for one and gets annoyed when Aaron checks up on her.

7. Steve eats humble pie

Coronation Street Steve looks worried

After cancelling Ed and Paul, Steve is forced to beg them to fix the roof after all.

Ed is smug, but will he come to Steve’s rescue?

8. Dylan drops a bombshell

Coronation Street James, Glenda and Sean surprise a shocked Dylan

It’s Dylan‘s last night and Glenda invites James Bailey to his farewell dinner as a surprise.

Dylan is thrilled, but admits he doesn’t want to go home and would rather live on Coronation Street.

9. Bernie meets her double

Coronation Street Bernie is defiant as she's confronted by the owner of the jacket

Bernie returns from shopping with a posh blazer that was meant for someone else.

Fern later turns up on the doorstep and accuses Bernie of stealing the jacket.

Coronation Street Bernie is defiant as she's confronted by the owner of the jacket

Who is Fern?

And how can Bernie talk herself out of this one?

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Coronation Street usually airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV.

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