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Tiger King Gushes Over Jesse Meester: WTF is Going On???

Each day brings new horrors that few of us would dare to imagine in our most twisted nightmares.

Jesse Meester has been paired with all sorts of colorful characters. Darcey Silva. Jeniffer Tarazona. He once seemed desperate for attention from Donald Trump.

Now, he is voicing support for disgraced former zookeeper Joe Exotic, who is currently in prison.

In response, Joe is gushing about Jesse in public social media posts, showering the 90 Day Fiance villain with love.

Joe Exotic Mugshot
Joe Exotic will likely remain in prison for the next couple of decades. But he’s still finding ways to stir up controversy on the inside.

Recently, a court reduced the sentence of Joseph Allen Maldonado-Passage … by one year.

A 21-year prison sentence is only one year better than a 22-year sentence. Joe Exotic isn’t exactly resting on his laurels.

He so desperately wants to evade justice for numerous counts of animal cruelty. Oh, and the attempted murder-for-hire.

Carole Baskin And a Tiger
Carole Baskin is one of the stars of the Netflix documentary Tiger King. But it seems she was less than thrilled with her portrayal in the series.

There are many people who do not belong in prison. There are many people who did commit a crime who don’t.

But Joe Exotic is not one of them. If even half of the accusations against him are true, he’s a monster.

Joe does not see himself that way. He has repeatedly tried to get out of prison, seeking celebrity support.

Meet Joe Exotic
Joe Exotic from the new Netflix Docuseries, “Tiger King” poses with one of his tigers. The show chronicles his downfall and his 22-year federal prison sentence for his murder-for-hire scheme on Carole Baskin in 2017 and for multiple violations of wildlife laws.

Netflix’s irresponsible documentary brought Joe fame, but not respect.

Kim Kardashian has helped restore innocent people’s freedom. She has not helped Joe.

Disgraced former president Donald Trump could have pardoned Joe at the end of his presidency. He was too busy planning an attempted coup.

On both Facebook and Instagram, Joe Exotic posted a bizarre message.

Alongside a thirst trap of 90 Day Fiance narcissist Jesse Meester, he also included a glowing message.

“Meet my amazing dear friend Jesse Meester, actor, model, and so much more,” Joe began.

Jesse Meester Models
90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days star Jesse Meester didn’t end up getting a wife out of his time on the show, but he sure attained fame … and infamy.

“You will see him around on my stuff more and more,” Joe wrote ominously.

He explained: “as he is going to help me get a voice to the White House.”

According to Joe, Jesse is going to advocate “for President Biden to sign my pardon before November of this year.”

Darcey & Stacey Season 2 Trailer Outrages Fans: WHY is Jesse Meester There?!

“Show him some love,” Joe asked, writing: “Love you, Jesse.”

Jesse shared Joe’s post, writing “let’s unite” and “real recognizes real.”

He even wrote: “Free Joe Exotic.” Laughable.

Obviously, folks on social media were stunned by all of this nonsense.

Jesse doesn’t have the star power to get Joe out of prison. And that’s a good thing. Joe belongs there.

But people also had to wonder … is there some sort of romance, one-sided or otherwise, at play?

Joe Exotic and Dillon Passage
Tiger King star Joe Exotic poses with his fourth husband, Dillon Passage, who is wearing a wondrously colorful shirt.

Joe and his husband, Dillon Passage, are separated.

A couple of months ago, Joe called off his engagement to a fellow prisoner.

He is, perhaps, single and ready to mingle. But … does that mean that his “love” for Jesse is romantic?

Jesse Meester of 90 Day Fiance
Jesse Meester is the 24-year-old star of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. He’s young and hot but, mostly, super eccentric.

Now, we’re talking about Jesse. Clearly, he would do almost anything to extend his 15 minutes.

Some 90 Day Fiance fans think that he could and would manipulate a desperate man in exchange for fame.

Maybe he would. Or maybe that’s not what’s happening. Right now, we have very little to go on.

Jesse Meester and Jeniffer Tarazona Smile Together

By all appearances, Jesse and Jeniffer Tarazona are still together. Still gazing at themselves in mirrors from the same bed.

In fact, we checked — these two are still posting about each other, as recently as the weekend.

Joe may be single at the moment, but Jesse is not. Just in case anyone was getting their hopes up for an insane crossover romance.

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