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Mohamed Abdelhamed to Yvette Arellano: I Want My Green Card!

During the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance, discussing a hypothetical scenario sent one couple spiraling.

Mohamed shamed Yvette’s beliefs and lifestyle, saying that he’d raise his kid in his faith or not at all.

This was a shock to Yve, who did not even hear the worst of what he had to say about her.

Well, the hits keep coming, because now Mohamed is furiously demanding his Green Card sooner rather than later.

Yvette Arellano and Mohamed Abdelhamed’s storyline is only getting rougher.

At the start of their portion of the promo clip for Season 9, Episode 12, things look happy enough.

The two of them are in the car, with Yve’s son Tharan in the back seat.

Yvette breaks some news to Mohamed, though the context is unclear.

For whatever reason — presumably, she offers more detail in the full episode — their wedding date needs to be pushed back.

Yve reveals that this will need to be pushed back by a month.

Mohamed does not take the news well.

“Are you kidding me?” he exclaims.

While full context might explain his frustration, it seems to take Yvette by surprise, too. But then, so much about him does.

“I want my Green Card,” we then hear Mohamed whine.

His demanding tone is rude. His line about wanting his Green Card suggests skewed priorities.

Perhaps his interest is in getting a job soon, or being able to fly home to visit family. But his demand isn’t going over well.

Mohamed then proceeds to question what Yvette is thinking … while seated right beside her in the confessional.

“If she doesn’t want to file this paperwork,” he begins angrily.

His question asks: “Why she bring me here?”

Again, we do not have the full context for this dispute.

We do not know why Yve suggested postponing, or why Mohamed is so eager to seal the deal.

That said, this moment is having the same effect that so much of this season has had: it makes Mohamed look bad.

“Like, I don’t understand,” Mohamed complains in the clip.

We have to assume that Yve still intends to marry Mohamed, and that she is simply suggesting a delay.

The reason for the delay could even be out of her hands — but that does not seem to matter to Mohamed.

This is when Mohamed suggests that he can just pack his bags.

On the one hand, everyone has a right to break up at any time for any reason.

But at the same time … his “Green Card” comment really makes this look bad.

Even during the oh-so-brief promo clip, Yvette is visibly shocked and hurt.

She often seems to be unsure of what to make of Mohamed’s unkind statements and complaints.

Fans are divided over whether this is the result of Yvette’s naivete and denial, Mohamed’s dishonesty, or both.

As you can see in the full promo for Season 9, Episode 12, Yvette and Mohamed are not the only ones with drama.

With some of these couples, we would like for them to be able to resolve conflicts and work through issues.

Others would be better off as exes. Yvette and Mohamed fall into that category. Poor Yve.

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