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EastEnders spoilers: First look at all-new pics for July 4- 8

EastEnders spoilers for next week reveal Phil Mitchell‘s life is in grave danger. Is Walford‘s greatest hardman about to meet his maker?

Back on the Square, Mitch’s brother Avery arrives, and is hiding a secret.

Also, Mick and Linda grow close again – how will Janine react?

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1. Phil Mitchell dies?

Ravi and Phil EastEnders

Phil makes an enemy of another prisoner and turns to fellow inmate Ravi to get a burner phone.

He calls Ben for a favour, but will Ben help?

Phil looking around EastEnders

There is soon a sinister warning left in Phil’s prison cell: he dies tomorrow.

Phil offers to pay Ravi to back him up, but will he agree?

DCI Samantha Keeble looking at her watch EastEnders

As Craig warns Phil his time is nearly up, Keeble arrives.

She tells Phil he has no hope of any back up in his fight against Craig.

Phil in prison EastEnders

Phil gives Sharon letters for his loved ones and Sharon begs him to take Keeble’s deal.

Craig then comes for him, but will anyone rescue Phil?

Sharon on the phone in EastEnders

The next day, Sharon anxiously awaits news of Phil, but will it be bad?

2. Avery arrives

Avery in The Queen Vic in EastEnders

Avery Baker arrives in Walford and causes a stir with his flash car.

After realising he’s got off on the wrong foot with the market traders, Avery organises a gathering in The Vic.

Mitch and Karen look worried as Bailey smiles in EastEnders

Mitch is stunned when he walks into the pub to see his brother standing there and it’s clear they have difficult history.

Will Mitch be pleased to see him?

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3. Avery cons Mitch

Avery pointing at Mitch EastEnders

Avery apologises for not being there for Mitch and then asks his brother to help him with a job.

Mitch is reluctant, but Avery convinces him it’s legit. However, it soon becomes clear it’s not.

Mitch and Karen look upset in EastEnders

During an argument with Mitch, Avery collapses and he’s taken to hospital.

Mitch and Karen await news, but they get a shock when Avery’s kids arrive and reveal his secret.

4. Stacey tests Kheerat

Stacey leans into Kheerat EastEnders

Stacey thinks Kheerat is ashamed of her so tests him by kissing him in public.

He backs away as Suki walks in and Stacey’s furious so ends their relationship.

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5. Mick and Linda grow closer

Linda and Mick looking at eachother EastEnders

Linda is grateful when Mick offers her his support ahead of her meeting with the social worker.

She later finds out Annie is staying with her.

Janine Butcher looking annoyed EastEnders

Janine clocks them together and is annoyed to see their closeness.

But will she do anything about it?

Linda and Sharon EastEnders

Sharon later tells Linda she doesn’t have to prove herself, but Linda is determined to start working at The Vic again.

Will it all end in tears?

Emmerdale usually airs weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV, with an hour episode on Thursdays.

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