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Exclusive Interview with Erin Cosgrove

We are chatting today with Erin Cosgrove! We are LOVING your latest release “Ride that Bull”. What was your inspiration behind the song? 

I wanted to write something about how men try to pick up women at the bar and how we feel when it goes down. I wanted to keep it light, but funny and honest, because let’s face it, those pick up lines aren’t the best guys! so the song kind of blossomed from that idea in my head and one night I just started singing this melody. It actually took months for me to get in on paper and in a form I was happy with; but My friend Brandon Conway and I sat down and figured it out in about 2 hours and the song was born! Once it had some structure I already had the music video idea in my head, so seeing it all come to life was absolutely incredible and just how I pictured it!

Tell us something about yourself that might surprise us!

Hummm…. I’ve been doing triathlons since the age of 7 and I’ve been on several TV shows!

What do you want listeners to take away or feel after listening to your latest release?

I want it to get stuck in their head and want to hear more! I hope they can see the fun and hilarious plot line to the lyrics and say to themselves “Hey that was me” at some point. OR, wow, that video was hilarious! I want to show my friends who just dealt with something like this!

 2022 is flying by us, do you have any career goals for yourself this year? Would you be willing to share some?

Yes, absolutely! We are planning a small tour for June and July in Florida and possibly Texas with a new single that will launch just before! You can also catch my locally here in Nashville on Broadway!

 Tell us your favorite things about making music.

Music is my therapy, and writing helps to get it all out and in a healthy way. I love how certain sounds make you feel something different or a simply melodic line can totally transform your world and take you somewhere completely different. I love the memory of music. Aside from making it, I enjoy performing it too. I’ve always felt I was meant to be on stage in some form or another, and I can truly say I feel the most at home when I’m on a huge stage entertaining hundreds of thousands of people. The energy is just something not a lot of people get to experience and I am so blessed I have the opportunity to entertain! It’s absolutely incredible!

Where can we listen to your music and find you on socials? 

My music is on every streaming platform as well on SiriusXM the Highway. You can call in and request it!

For socials, I’m on all of them haha! @ErinCosgroveOfficial is my handle and for youtube it’s just Erin Cosgrove. If you can’t find me there I just say Google me. You’ll find me and another Erin Cosgrove who creates interesting art. lol

End of Interview

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