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Garcelle Beauvais and Erika Jayne Unfollow Each Other: What’s the Feud About?

For much of 2021, Erika Jayne’s estranged husband’s scandal plagued her both on camera and in private.

Her finances devastated, her marriage over, her brand in tatters, it’s safe to say that her life was turned upside down.

But it’s a new year, and she and the other Housewives are filming a new season of RHOBH.

We don’t know what happened on camera, but on Instagram, Garcelle Beauvais and Erika are all but at each other’s throats.

Well, “at each other’s throats” may be an exaggeration … or not.

As long as they are filming, neither woman can say exactly what’s going on with them.

But it’s clear that something, likely during the filming of their season, has gone down.

How do we know? Because Garcelle unfollowed Erika.

That might sound like a petty thing to be furious over, and it arguably is.

Between friends, it can be hurtful to unfollow without explanation.

Among reality stars, however, it’s like publicly striking a glove against someone’s face.

Why? Because it’s not just the person who was unfollowed who will notice. It’s everyone.

They know that their accounts are monitored by thousands of eyes every day. Garcelle must have wanted it known.

Another reason that this is a big deal is that it’s clearly a symptom of something else.

Garcelle didn’t wake up from a weird flashback dream to when she was filming Grimm and choose to start problems from nothing.

Something must have been said or done, presumably by Erika (or possibly just about Erika) for Garcelle to make such a public display of contempt.

But wait, you might hypothetically be asking, doesn’t that make this a one-sided feud?

You’re right, hypothetical reader. At least, you were right on Thursday morning.

Initially, this was only about what Garcelle did when she unfollowed Erika, presumably about drama during this season.

Erika Jayne IG comment plans to unfollow Garcelle Beauvais in return

However, Erika saw the coverage of the unfollowing, and chose to issue a public response later that day.

“Well,” Erika replied to an Instagram blog that shared the initial news, “[let] me unfollow her back.”

It takes two to tango, and now Garcelle and Erika are both wearing their dancing shoes.

Back in Garcelle’s camp, a follower suggested their support for Garcelle, rooting for her to demolish her apparent new foe.

“Lol,” Garcelle simply replied.

We have to keep in mind that they are contractually prohibited from spoiling their own seasons, save where they cannot help it.

Obviously, things leak sometimes, like Denise Richards’ alleged affair with Brandi Glanville.

Similarly, we certainly hope that Bravo would never try to keep something like Dorit Kemsley’s frightening home invasion a secret.

(On the contrary, Dorit affirmed that production had been very supportive in the aftermath of that horror)

We are sure that, in due time, we will all come to understand the source of the hard feelings between Erika and Garcelle.

It could be related to Erika’s scandal — including recent reports about her refusing to give up her earrings to help compensate her ex’s victims.

But this could be about something else entirely. Erika is not the only cast member on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, after all.

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