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Rules of the Game episode two: Seven questions we need answering after watching BBC drama

Rules of the Game continued on BBC One this Wednesday (January 12 2022) with episode two – but left us with as many questions as answers.

We’re still no nearer to knowing who actually DIED in the first episode.

Or whether they were murdered or the victim of a tragic accident.

Here’s seven burning questions we have after watching episode two of Rules of the Game.

Ben Batt
Ben Batt stars as creepy Owen Jenkins in four-part drama Rules of the Game (Credit: BBC One)

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Rules of the Game episode two: Was Amy Dixon murdered?

The mystery surrounding Amy Dixon’s death only seems to be intensifying.

The more Maya (Rakhee Thakrar) and Sam delve into her death, the more confused we become.

But one thing is becoming clearer – it doesn’t look like it was an accident.

In fact, viewers saw Amy return to the office on the night of her death.

But who was she meeting and why?

And how did her body find its way back to the bar?

Smells like murder.

Who died at Fly?

At the beginning of episode one, Sam Thompson (Maxine Peake) found a dead body.

But we STILL don’t know who it belonged to.

Most obvious victim would be Tess, but really it could be anyone – including Maya.

Flashbacks showed us Sam talking into a phone, saying: “It’s gone wrong, really wrong. I need help.”

Does this prove the death was murder?

And who was she speaking to?

Rules of the Game BBC One
Rules of the Game stars Maxine Peaks as Sam Thompson (Credit: BBC One)

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Rules of the Game episode two: With friends like Vanessa who needs enemies?

Owen’s wife really is a piece of work.

As well as being the most unbelievable of characters, she’s also totally unlikable.

She’s vain, self-absorbed and cruel.

During their frankly beyond awkward cheese nights, she tried to dictate the conversation, and she wasn’t happy when her so-called friend announced she’s pregnant.

She spat: “You are all exhausting me tonight.”

In a previous scene, she sniped that Sam looks the way she does because “she hasn’t had Botox” – meow!

But in the cruellest blow of all, she told Carys that her husband was having an affair with Sam.

And not in a caring, you-really-should-know-this-way. Not at all!

Is Sam really the badass bitch she pretends to be?

Viewers saw a slightly softer side to Sam in episode two of Rules of the Game.

It’s becoming obvious that she could also be the victim of sexual abuse.

Did she advance because she slept her way to the top – or allowed herself to be abused?

Sam remains the most fascinating character in the BBC One drama, and we want to know her backstory.

Zoe Tapper in Rules of the Game
TV fans will recognise Zoe Tapper, who plays bitchy Vanessa in Rules of the Game (Credit: BBC One)

Rules of the Game episode two: What is Alprazolam and why does Maya take it?

Alprazolam, sold under the brand name Xanax, is a fast-acting tranquiliser.

It is most often used to treat anxiety disorders and panic disorders.

Scenes in episode two suggested that Maya may have a form of OCD.

And we still don’t know what happened in her last job.

Is Maya a whistleblower?

She says it was a “huge cover-up of systemic corruption”.

Luckily there was no sign of Luke in episode two, but we know there’s a story there, too!

What’s the score with Ben Batt’s character Owen Jenkins?

Owen is CLEARLY a total creep.

Even if he looks very fit in a tight navy polo jumper.

Have you noticed his smile never reaches his eyes?

The focus of the show hasn’t yet turned to Owen.

But it will, we’re sure of it!

Rules of the Game cast
The fantastic Alison Steadman stars in the cast of Rules of the Game as Anita Jenkins (Credit: BBC One)

Rules of the Game episode two: Who was calling Gareth on the night Amy died if it wasn’t Sam?

At the end of episode two, Hugh told Sam that she’d called Gareth multiple times on the night that Amy died.

But she insisted she hadn’t…

So who was calling Gareth, and was it something to do with Amy’s death?

The entire series of Rules of the Game is currently available to watch on BBC iPlayer. Or you can wait to watch episode three at 9pm on Tuesday January 18 2022.

What do you think of Rules of the Game so far? Leave us a comment on our Facebook page @EntertainmentDailyFix.

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