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Patricia Field, AKA Emily in Paris’s stylist, opens up about working with Lily Collins, the Carrie Bradshaw comparisons, & her plans for season three (!)

I find collaboration the road to success. I appreciate the actors’ ideas as they are the subject in front of the camera and it is primary that they look good and most importantly feel good.

How, if at all, has Emily’s style evolved or changed for the second season? Does this reflect her narrative journey? 

Emily’s style is definitely evolving. While she continues to be smart, optimistic and original, as the seasons materialise she will become more conscious and display her climb up the professional ladder.


Are there any key looks or pieces that we should look out for that you’re particularly excited about? 

There are many interesting pieces of wardrobe and accessories. I enjoy spotlighting her use of modern-day gloves as an important accessory.  I would describe her look as colourful as I feel that is an important component in her personality and style.

If Emily had to stick to one designer for the rest of her life (or, you know, every future series), which would you choose and why do you think this brand resonates so well? 

I feel that one designer, as good as they are, would limit Emily’s wardrobe too drastically.  It is important to be fluid and develop Emily’s looks as the seasons progress. For example, after successfully being in Paris for two seasons, does she adapt to a more sophisticated style?

What would you say are the three key trends and designers that Emily keeps coming back to? 

I believe the key themes that Emily comes back to is optimism and individuality.  Emily doesn’t follow trends.  If I could ascribe a trend to Emily it would be the above plus colourful and accessorised.


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