Genre-Bending Rom-Com “Wolf Like Me” Heading to Peacock This January

This article contains spoilers. Obviously.

With Don Mancini in charge, you just knew that “Chucky” was going to take the franchise down entirely new paths while also making sure to continue storylines and bring back characters from the original movies. And indeed that’s precisely what the first season of the SYFY/USA series did, bringing back characters like Tiffany, Nica, Andy and Kyle and weaving them into a brand new storyline with brand new characters for fans to fall in love with.

Last night’s Season 1 finale – don’t worry, a second season is on the way! – ended the first season of “Chucky” on one hell of a high note, so much so that it’d be easier to recap what *didn’t* happen than what did. Jake finally came face-to-face with Chucky and totally kicked his ass; Devon and Jake solidified their relationship in a beautiful way; Junior was killed off; Tiffany removed all four of Nica’s limbs so she can never do her harm again; Chucky created an army of possessed Good Guy dolls; Chucky also butchered his way through an entire movie theater while James Whale’s Frankenstein played on screen; Kyle was (maybe but probably not) killed in an explosion; and Andy had his first encounter with his longtime adversary’s bride!

Yes, Tiffany (the doll) made her debut appearance on “Chucky” last night, the first time we’ve seen the killer doll since her brief appearance in 2017 movie Cult of Chucky.

Tiffany’s return in “Chucky”

Tiffany was of course introduced in Bride of Chucky, the doll inhabited by the evil spirit of Jennifer Tilly‘s Tiffany Valentine. The doll made her presence known in the final moments of the Season 1 finale, revealing that she’s on the truck with the army of Chucky dolls that are about to be given to children all across the world. Andy Barclay hijacked the truck in an effort to thwart Chucky’s master plan that the entire season has been building towards – turns out he needed an “innocent” to kill before he was able to splinter his soul into so many dolls… I mean… sure… I’m okay with it – and Andy is now the only thing standing in between Chucky and world domination. The only thing standing in Andy’s way, however? The Tiffany doll!

Granted, we didn’t see all that much of Tiffany in the finale, but it was all about setting the stage for what’s to come in Season 2. The finale was not only a perfect culmination of the season’s new storylines but also a great continuation of the legacy storylines, as well as an incredible teaser for what’s coming next. Season 2, to say the least, should be truly bonkers.

What about Glen/Glenda, you ask? Don Mancini tells Fandom this week, “I love those characters. I think it’s probably safe for me to say that you haven’t seen the last of them.”

“Chucky” will return in 2022. We’ll have more insights from Mancini very soon!

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