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Showtrial on BBC One: Will there be a series two of courtroom drama?

Showtrial series one has come to an end with Celine Bucken’s character Talitha Campbell walking free – but will there be a series two?

Viewers may well be left scratching their heads after the inconclusive climax to the five-episode drama.

While Talitha seemingly got away with murder, her frenemy Dhillon Harwood was found guilty.

But was it the right result? And will there be a Showtrial series two to explain everything?

Here’s everything you need to know.

***Warning: spoilers from episode five of Showtrial ahead***

Talitha and Cleo in Showtrial
Celine Buckens as Talitha Campbell, and Tracy Ifeachor as Cleo Roberts in Showtrial (Credit: BBC One)

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Showtrial series two – will drama return?

The BBC has not yet confirmed a series two of Showtrial.

But there’s every chance the court room drama will return.

There are so many possible storylines that could be explored in a second series.

For example, is the wrong person in jail?

And did Talitha Campbell get away with murder?

If so, she could easily kill again!

Several questions were left unanswered by the Showtrial ending, which could well be writer Ben Richards’ attempt to lay the groundwork for a follow-up.

Alternatively, Showtrial could become a BBC One anthology, tackling a different legal case in each series.

How did series one end?

The door was most definitely left open at the end of Showtrial episode five.

Viewers know that the first series focused on the murder of university student Hannah Ellis in Bristol.

The entitled daughter of a wealthy property developer Talitha Campbell was heavily implicated – and her attitude seriously stunk!

Her friend, the son of a prolific MP, was also a prime suspect.

Talitha had sent hateful messages to Hannah before she died threatening to have her killed.

And he’d stalked and harassed her.

However, the most incriminating evidence was their DNA all over Hannah’s body, and Talitha’s green silk scarf which was used to strangle her to death.

After the trial, where Talitha’s abusive childhood was used in her defence, Dhillon was found guilty.

But Talitha was found innocent.

In a chilling scene between Talitha and her solicitor Cleo Roberts, Talitha implied she’d ‘got away with it’.

Crime dramas often use flashbacks to show the viewer who really committed the crime, but not so with Showtrial.

Talitha Showtrial
Did Talitha get away with murder in Showtrial? (Credit: BBC One)

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Who murdered Hannah Ellis in Showtrial?

Honestly, we still don’t know!

Talitha’s solicitor Cleo managed to get her client off the hook, injecting enough doubt into the jury’s minds to get an innocent verdict.

Dhillon was not so lucky.

His history of harassing other girls led to the jury concluding that he was solely responsible for Hannah’s death.

He was sentenced to no less than 23 years in prison.

However, we’re not convinced that Talitha was innocent.

And she even implied her guilt in a conversation with Cleo after the trail.

Writer Ben Richards decided not to reveal who the real killer was, leaving it up to us to decide whether it was Talitha, Dhillon, or the two of them working together.

Showtrial series two cast

If Showtrial returns for a series two, Tracy Ifeachor is likely to return in the lead role as solicitor Cleo Roberts.

Whether the plot follows Talitha again, or a completely new crime remains to be seen.

Celine Buckens could well return as Cleo’s challenging client Talitha Campbell.

There is potential for them both to reprise their roles.

There is also scope for Sinead Keenan’s DI Paula Cassidy and Kerr Logan’s James Thornley to return with a new, or the same, case.

Actress Tracy Ifeachor seemed open to the prospect of reprising her role in a recent interview.

Talking about the prospect of a series two, she said: “I really don’t know but, what I would say is, Cleo Roberts is a solicitor, and you know, she’s just gonna keep going.

“Talitha’s life is going to keep going.”

Showtrial series one is currently available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

What did you think of the Showtrial finale? Leave us a comment on our Facebook page @EntertainmentDailyFix.

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