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Great British Bake Off fans call for Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas to be axed as hosts

Some Great British Bake Off fans reckon it is time for hosts Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas to move on.

The comedic hosts are much loved by many of the millions that watch the Channel 4 show week after week.

But not everyone watching at home can stomach their zany, offbeat presentation and have called for them to be axed.

Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas host Bake Off together
Are Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas ‘too much’ for you? (Credit: Great British Bake Off YouTube)

Why do viewers wanted Bake Off stars Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas gone?

One unhappy viewer commented on Facebook how they felt neither of the pair are amusing.

They also claimed neither host has much value in their eyes.

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The fan complained: “Please get rid of Matt and Noel.

“They’re not in the least bit funny and are highly pointless.”

Sandi Toksvig hosted alongside Noel Fielding
Maybe Sandi Toksvig could return? (Credit: Great British Bake Off YouTube)

How did other fans react?

Several other Facebook users showed they agreed with the remark by giving it a thumbs up ‘Like’.

A few people even endorsed the comment with a ‘Love’.

But other fans were angry with the criticism and leapt to the pair’s defence.

One person who agreed with the original claim suggested previous Bake Off regular Sandi Toksvig was a better presenting partner for Noel.

They are really spoiling it with their stupid antics.

They concurred: “I know what you mean. I didn’t mind Noel when he was with Sandi, she seemed to rein him in.

“But with Matt they are really spoiling it with their stupid antics.”

That sentiment was echoed by a Twitter user who reasoned: “I hope you guys have better balance with hosts next year.

“I like Noel and Matt, but their humour is too same-same and it’s affecting the show overall.

“You need someone to contrast Noel, not echo his style.”

One wrote on Twitter: “Petition to get rid of Noel and Matthew on Bake Off.”

Another added: “For the love of God, Channel 4, offer Mel and Sue all the money in the world to come back to #GBBO so we can finally be rid of Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas.”

Mary Berry used to judge alongside Paul Hollywood
Mary Berry used to judge alongside Paul Hollywood (Credit: Great British Bake Off YouTube)

Noel and Matt’s positives

However, others responded by saying both Noel and Matt tickled them greatly – and have a great rapport with the contestants.

One person wrote: “I love Noel and Matt. They are funny, intelligent, and the bakers seem to like them.”

And another insisted: “I happen to adore Matt and Noel and probably wouldn’t watch this show if it weren’t for the silly bits of the presenters.”

Could Mel and Sue return?
Mel and Sue were the original hosts on the BBC (Credit: Great British Bake Off YouTube)

Who would replace Noel and Matt?

Others scoffed at the idea of changing the line up – especially if that meant returning to how the show was previously.

“You might as well say bring back Mary Berry,” sighed one commenter.

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And another continued on, possibly referring to Mel and Sue: “I miss Mary but I don’t miss the old hosts. Kudos to her, though for staying with the BBC.”

Who would you like to replace Noel and Matt if they left the show?

The Great British Bake Off continues tonight, Tuesday October 19, on Channel 4 from 8pm.

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