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You guys are really unique! Where does that come from?

Edem: Living life and being lucky. As artists and musicians, we channel all our conscious and subconscious thoughts, emotions, and acumen into our art. It’s what we do. It’s natural and necessary for us. We serve.

Brett: I’m glad to hear you think we’re unique. Life would be dull chasing someone else’s sound.

Just in your name itself KinderCrowdControl is awesome! How did you come to it?

Edem: Hilarious story: I was attending my friend Mitch Green’s (RIP my friend) son Alex’s bar mitzvah. We grown ups were “having our medicine” when the DJ announced the boys were going to take to the dance floor. As they assembled, the DJ spun a hip-hop line dancing song, sorry, I forgot the artist. So the boys did a coordinated line dance to “Put your right foot out, hands in the air, turn around” etc. I turned to my friends Mitch and Gackle and said “This isn’t dancing, this is kinder crowd control!” at which Gack said “good band name”. It was an auspicious start, and history was written that moment in Simi Valley!

If you had to explain your genre of music what would it be?

Edem: Now that’s a tough one. We are a manifestation of our musical journey. I would have to say KinderCrowdControl music! Bruce Lee would have said: “All styles”.

Brett: I understand the need to be categorized in order to grow an audience. It makes the search for music easier for prospective fans who want to find something new. But it’s hard for me to say we fit a certain genre, or for that matter sound like anything else out there. I suppose you’ll have to listen and judge for yourselves. Spotify us. It’s cheap.

You guys are electric! How do you keep that energy going?

Edem: We’re in love with what we do. Really. It is natural for us to create. The music energizes us. It’s an ongoing pleasure and honor to work with Brett, and so excited to collaborate with Sandra Ban, our wordsmith extraordinaire (and celebrated Croatian artist), not to mention our various musical contributors like my son Griffen, who is a fantastic pianist. Sandra has recently tasked us with coming up with a 7 part opus to accompany an art performance she has planned for the end of the year. So we’re swamped with ideas right now- and they’re awesome. Hitting the ground running so to speak. Brett and I are at a point in our career where we serve the music, regardless of genre considerations. It’s pure bliss!

Brett: Easy. We’re fans of our own music. We get energized by each new track we work on. We’re Lithium!

Are you planning on doing anything outside of your current music?

Edem: My fine art career keeps rolling (, as does Sandra’s. Making art and music is a daily thing.

Brett: I haven’t thought about it. I suppose if I did, I’d probably already be doing it.  Whatcha got?

Any secret projects happening that you can tell us about?

Edem: As I mentioned above, so I guess it’s not a secret, Sandra has handed us a challenge to create a 7 part opus for a fine art performance she has planned for the end of the year. We’re neck deep right now, and loving every minute!

Brett: We have tons of material in little bits and pieces strewn about the place. That’s what happens when you’ve been writing music for as long as we have. Nothing that’s a secret. Just uncured. Perhaps some of it will make it to the menu soon.

Tell us how everyone can find YOU!

Thanks for asking. Remember, kindercrowdcontrol is one word!




Instagram, TikTok, Spotify, Amazon Music: kindercrowdcontrol


We’re on a million playlists, so Spotify us!

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