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Mackenzie McKee: I Endanger My Kids Because I’m a Fun Mom!

As Teen Mom fans are well aware, Mackenzie McKee is quick to call out other bad moms.

She’s not wrong to do it. But can she turn that discerningly critical eye inward?

Apparently not, after fans cried out in alarm after seeing her children climbing on her kitchen counters.

It’s much worse than it sounds, but Mackenzie says that she’s just a fun mom and people have to deal with it.

Recently, Mackenzie McKee took to Instagram to show off her dancing and lipsyncing in the kitchen.

Her sons, Gannon and Broncs, were also busting some moves in the room.

Unfortunately, both of them were dancing on top of the kitchen counters.

Mackenzie McKee IG lets kids walk on kitchen counters

Simply put, fans and followers were horrified by the display.

It’s not that disaster struck — it’s what could have so easily happened.

Of particular concern was the clutter on the countertop and how easily it could slide around underfoot.

Undeterred when she’s wrong, Mackenzie doubled down in a follow-up post.

“A lot of you are pretty pressed about me not being a serious mom,” she wrote.

“This one I’m totally not sorry about,” Mackenzie added alongside a photo of her being silly with 5-year-old Broncs.

“Life is too short but keep being boring,” Mackenzie added.

She warned her followers: “cause ya girl ain’t changing.”

Her caption concluded with the tags: “#mylovetoyou, #iaintsorrythough, #happykids and #happymom.”

Some mom-shaming blows things way out of proportion.

In fact, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra weathered a bit of exaggerated parent-shaming just a couple of years ago.

At that time, Nova was seated on a countertop and slid off, and Tyler got called out for it. That was a little much.

Up to a degree, it’s normal for kids to climb on things. It’s a human instinct to explore.

But kitchens are filled with slick surfaces and sharp edges.

When it comes to climbing on countertops, they also tend to have steep falls onto very solid floors.

Now, a child might sit on a countertop sometimes, if the parent allows it.

(You should always clean a counter before and after placing food on it, anyway)

But at the very least, a parent should be closeby enough to catch them if they should fall. It’s common sense.

Unfortunately, that is what Mackenzie appears to be lacking.

As you can see in the still that we shared, it wasn’t just the countertop — but objects on top of it.

Clutter and stacked items severely compound the danger. It’s lucky that no one was hurt.

Being a fun and silly parent does not have to mean being reckless.

Allowing her sons to dance on the counter by itself might have been fine.

But the clutter should have been removed, and Mackenzie could have stood right by them in the event of a fall.

A lot of parents think that simple safety precautions are “too much,” or confuse simple concerns with being controlling or authoritarian.

Whether it’s stubborn pride or inattentiveness, sometimes this means doing their children a disservice.

Mackenzie could have simply gone “whoops, I goofed, I didn’t see how dangerous it was.” But she just has to be right.

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