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Exclusive Interview with Water Tower

How do you want to make a difference with your music?

We want to help people learn to heal themselves.

Do you keep someone or something in mind any time you’re writing new material?

I breathe as deep as I can, that way I can let the song come out of me with ease.

Is there any particular order you go by when you make a song from start to finish?

Usually we start with a chord progression, then start singing a melody or some words. It is easiest for me to create a field to play in first, and then sow the rows.

Do you feel like there should always be a rhyme and reason for everything you do in your music?

Not necessarily, I think that we can value whatever moves us. Perhaps we need to get rid of the rhyme and reason for the next song we write hehe…

Do you consider yourself a perfectionist? 

Yes and no. I believe that progress is perfection, therefore I am progressing perfectly.

How much time are you spending right now on new music? 

I dedicate a short window each day to make sure I am keeping my ears open wide for whatever comes out.

Give us all your links/ where to stream!

Thank you!!! I love these questions : )

FB/IG/TikTok/Twitter/Twitch are ALL @watertowerband

and spotify

For Press Inquiries:

End of Interview

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