Motherland: Fort Salem Season 2 Episode 6 Review: My 3 Dads

There’s just no break from the mission for the Bellweather Unit, is there?

Abigail, Tally, and Raelle tried to get away on Motherland: Fort Salem Season 2 Episode 6. But trouble seemed to follow them anyway.

There’s no pause for the Spree, so Scylla and Willa, along with a dissident sect, continued their battles against different enemies.

This episode also revealed why the Camarilla is in the best position to win this war.

Like the Spree, the Camarilla initially operated a guerrilla war. But unlike the Spree, they had been largely unknown until recently, when the Indian government named them responsible for the train attack.

Also, their anonymity allows the Camarilla to stay on the offensive at all times, unlike both groups of witches.

Finally, however extreme, the Camarilla’s anti-witch sentiment resonates with humanity’s centuries-old mistrust of witches. And while the witches have the power, they are a distinct minority of the population.

So, as Tally aptly pointed out, the Army witches fight battles on too many fronts: against the Spree, against the Camarilla, against the anti-witch hatred.

It’s little wonder that Alder and company are reacting rather than acting, which is a hard position from which to get ahead.

And now we found out that an alliance between the Army and the Spree, all witches united against the Camarilla, wasn’t likely to happen.

That’s partly because the Spree is set up in cells. Some, such as Willa, are more interested in survival while others are hell-bent on striking against the Army, consequences be damned.

The ever-inquisitive Tally determined the other reason that the witches teaming up isn’t going to happen: Nicte Batan, the redacted soldier from the Liberian campaign, formed the Spree of witches discontented with Alder and humans alike.

The real shocker was discovering that Nicte is still alive. She must have her own Biddies to keep her alive. We know she has fanatical followers such as Jonas, willing to swallow molten metal for her so she could strike at Alder.

With Alder’s voicebox out of order with those burns, who takes over? Does Petra finally get her wish to be in charge? Could Alder move up Anacostia instead, since she’s the only one somewhat loyal to Alder?

It’s too bad that Scylla and Anacostia broke up over the question of who should have custody of Tiffany. It was inevitable, though.

Anacostia may have been discontented by some of the things Alder has done, but she owes Alder too much to cross over to the Spree.

Besides, Scylla blew up the undercover identities when she came out at the Camarilla masquerade ball on Motherland: Fort Salem Season 2 Episode 5. Killing Shane later was just the nail in “Justine’s” coffin.

Being compartmentalized, with no bureaucracy, the Spree is better equipped for investigating the Camarilla.

Like in this episode, when Willa determined from Tiffany that the young witches were being held at a vet’s office. Then she and Scylla went and crashed it, with no having to run it up the line.

It was a shame they didn’t learn about the mission to abduct Raelle until it was too late.

Nicte undoubtedly knew about Raelle’s witch bomb since she was able to eavesdrop on Alder. But did the Camarilla target her, or was she just a witch of convenience?

I’m guessing it was the former since they didn’t bother grabbing Tally or Alder’s “security” detail, using the term loosely.

Scylla and Anacostia infiltrated the Camarilla’s front group, and the Spree put Scylla inside Fort Salem. So it stands to reason that the Camarilla has spies inside the Army (maybe civilian workers).

Chippewa Cession was a good place to stage such a snatch-and-grab. Areas that get left behind such as that tend to have a dislike for any “others,” let alone witches.

It was a bad ending to what had been a therapeutic trip for Raelle. Between Edwin and Wren, Raelle’s mind had been put at ease when it came to Willa’s feelings toward her.

Wren did seem a little suspicious that Willa didn’t answer the call during Sanheim. Think maybe she knows more than she’s letting on?

Thanks to Wren’s war stories, Tally finally connected the dots and figured out what had happened to Nicte. There won’t be a chance to confront Alder for a while, though.

Abigail got attacked during her homecoming as well, albeit in a different way. Her quiet graverobbing with Adil turned into a hoity-toity Dating Game, much as her dismay.

Her having the DNA of three different fathers would explain Abigail’s early attitude about men being disposable. That’s just how it is in a matrilineal society.

I felt bad for poor Adil, who got dragged into being a potential suitor. Still, he’s intellectually curious and seemed to be getting a good chuckle out of those proceedings. Gregorio, who understands his role as a sperm donor, also took it good-naturedly.

Minerva was a force of nature who didn’t hesitate to put Petra in her place.

She also pretty much gave Abigail her blessing to follow her own path, everyone else in the family be damned.

As if Abigail, reinforced by the ghost of Charvel, was going to do any other thing.

To follow the growth of Abigail, watch Motherland: Fort Salem online.

What is Abigail and Adil’s plan which required Charvel’s blood?

What will Tally do with what she knows?

Why was Raelle grabbed?

Comment below.

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