Crush All in Your Path With This Godzilla Mod For ‘Grand Theft Auto V’

After unveiling their follow-up to Salt and Sanctuary in Salt and Sacrifice, developer Ska Studios has released a 10-minute gameplay video for the sequel. The footage shows a Marked Inquisitor on the hunt for a Pyromancer, as well as dishing out punishment on some skeletons wandering Ashbourne Village and more.

The story for Salt and Sacrifice goes like this: in Alterstone Kingdom, criminals face two choices for their punishment: death or service. Those who choose the latter live life in penance as Marked Inquisitors. 

After choosing your crime, look, and class, Marked Inquisitors partake in the Magebane Rite. Drink the sacred drink, speak the words, and come away from the rite in a state between life and death. Free from mortal fears, the Inquisitors vow to spill the blood of Mages to put an end to their cruelty. 

At Pardoner’s Vale, a hub filled with friendly Inquisitors, you’ll set out and roam eerie villages, tomb temples, and swamp kingdoms in single player or drop-in drop-out online co-op. Find clues and track down more than 20 types of Mages. Wield grappling hooks and pursue them, then slay them in brawler-style side scrolling combat. 

Salt and Sacrifice is due out for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC in Q1 2022. Thanks to Gematsu for the heads up.

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