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Interview with Kim Cameron

What is a habit you are learning to develop as you get further in your career? 

To talk to people I do not know. It was easier for me to stay quiet or surround myself with people I know. I am trying to focus on the opposite approach, not being afraid to reach out to people I do not know. Life is a lot more interesting when you have the pleasure of meeting new people.

Is there any specific moment you’ve had that changed your life and you’ve used it in your music? 

I guess I am learning to experiment a bit more.  I have done a few things, lately, that has pulled me out of my comfort zone. That has changed my life to some degree. I feel a lot more well-rounded and have used that for a brand new song coming out soon!

What’s the latest production that’s happening for you?

I just finished up a very moody dance song. I released a short preview and saw my fans really get into the new approach.  So, that is definitely what is happening!

Do you let the music rule your life when you’re deep into a project?

Oh yes! It is hard to think of anything else!  Right now, I am putting together the storyboards for the next music video…so, yes, it is ruling my life right now!

How do you keep mentally balanced through it all? 

I exercise a lot. I believe that keeps me sane. I also rely on my friends. They are my rock.

Can you leave us with a motto you want to be known for?

We all have a love story worth telling.

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