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“A Wedding Song” by AV Super Sunshine

“A Wedding Song” is the latest single release from AV Super Sunshine, the pop-rock with dense acoustic work artist. While a lot of the artist’s previous work has eschewed closer to a kind of prog-rock, pseudo-psychedelia, and techno influence from things like Donavan to The Doors (but more uplifting), this song is a more stripped back affair. Gone or the complex arrangements and multi-layered sensory-driven tracks in favor of something that’s more easily accessible to those who might be unfamiliar with the band. I wouldn’t exactly recommend it for anyone trying to jump into this band’s discography if only because it’s slightly more conventional than their previous work, but that’s definitely by design.

This song sees the group and by extension, its lead singer reflecting on his wedding day with very direct lines like “I wish I could be at our wedding, on our wedding day” as he details the beauty of the moment, from seeing their lover to the faces of the people who’ve joined them. This is mixed with the suitable amount of instrumentation ranging from a subdued but potent guitar, expertly performed drums that never threaten to overshadow the song and its more elusive and grounded performance, but they never exchange their rock roots either. It has the kind of effect of something like The Kink’s “Picture Book”. It’s fun and bouncy in spots, but it never goes into a more chaotic or thrashing type of rock that the group has been known for up until now.

It’s an exercise in restraint that makes me wish I could sit in on the developmental process beyond its lead singer/songwriter stating that this was crafted as a gift for his wife on their one-year wedding anniversary. It feels like a personal invitation to be a part of this ceremony and accurately conveys are the aesthetics of the ceremony that even when the song hits the guitar strums following the phrase “on our wedding day” it almost feels like the equivalent of the applause from the pews, not acoustically, but it’s evocative of it. Another subtle addition that makes the song so effective is its use of reverb that almost makes you feel like you’re in a church or large venue where every little moment is picked up by the natural acoustics of the space, and it gives the words “I do” a greater power that’s also helped by the slightly ethereal modification of the lead singers voice.

This won’t be a song for everyone I don’t think, and as I said, it might not be the best intro for the group’s work (for that I recommend you check out their 2019 release Candyland Vol. 1) and sometimes it can be saccharine to a fault, but it knows what it is and executes itself with a lot of integrity and a lack of trying to act like it’s better than it is emotionally to downplay how just purely sweet it is. It’s a musical treat for anyone, married or not.

Troy Johnstone

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