Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann Would Like to Make a ‘Punisher’ or ‘Ghost Rider’ Game

Insomniac Games hit a home run and then some with Marvel’s Spider-Man on the PS4. So, why can’t genre fans get a superhero game to call their own? Well, if Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann had his way, we could.

When asked by Greg Miller aka GameOverGreggy what established IP he’d want to tackle next in video game form (theoretically, mind you), Druckmann listed off several IPs. Right at the top of the list (besides Half-Life), Druckmann listed The Punisher and Ghost Rider.

Obviously, this isn’t meant to indicate that anything’s happening (it’s not), but it does lead to “what ifs”. After all, the last Punisher game to come out had Thomas Jane voicing the character in 2005’s The Punisher for the PlayStation 2, PC and Xbox, and it was as fun as it was violent (which is plenty). Too violent, it seems, as the game had to be toned down in order to get a Mature rating.

As for Ghost Rider, apart from his appearance in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, the last standalone game starring the Spirit of Vengeance was the 2007 tie-in game for the first film for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox. That, unfortunately, turned out to be a by-the-numbers God of War rip-off.

Still, what do you think of a modern video game starring either of these Marvel characters? For Punisher fans, it’d give them closure over the cancellation of the Netflix series.

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