Modder Recreates “Desperate Times” Scenarios in New ‘Resident Evil 2’ Mod

Another day, another Resident Evil mod. Although this is no mundane mod, as modder Aydan Watkins is at it again with Marvin’s Mod, this time adding multiplayer to the PC version of the original Resident Evil 2, recreating the “Desperate Times” scenario from Resident Evil Outbreak: File #2!

The mod stars the aforementioned Marvin Branagh, the RCPD cop that didn’t quite make it in the original game. He’s alive in this mod, which also includes a whole new cast of characters, rearranged items, and of course, zombies that deal increased damage.

While it’s not quite out yet, Aydan was kind enough to drop a little teaser on Twitter, which no doubt has many of you excited and admittedly blown away that someone was able to pull this off with the original game. Then again, Aydan did give us this mod for Ada, as well as the ability to play as a Hunter.

Keep in mind that this is currently a Patreon-exclusive mod, so you’ll have to sign up in order to play it (once it’s done).

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