Fan Game ‘Return to Castle Monkey Ball’ Mashes ‘Wolfenstein 3D’ & ‘Super Monkey Ball’ With Addictive Results

Ever wanted to mash up Super Monkey Ball with the original Wolfenstein 3D? Creator Nickireda did, and the result is Return to Castle Monkey Ball. Combining all the chaotic physics-based “golf” of Super Monkey Ball with Wolfenstein 3D‘s Nazis, the game now sees you moving through eight procedurally-generated Nazi fortresses.

Instead of mowing down Nazis with your minigun, BJ must now collect bananas and treasure a la Super Monkey Ball. Of course, there are still members of the SS for you to deal with, and in doing so, you’ll earn time bonuses for rolling over them.

It’s certainly a weird contrast, but it’s a fun contrast for those who sunk hours into Sega’s arcade platformer. Best of all, the fan-made game is available for free over on itch.io, so it’s a win-win!

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