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Larissa Lima Returns to Plastic Surgeon: Make Me Perfect This Time!!

90 Day Fiance lost one of its most polarizing stars when they fired Larissa Lima over an innocuous livestream.

So far, Larissa is getting the last laugh.

Not only is she continuing to model on OnlyFans, but she can now speak freely about everything in her life without asking producers for permission.

She is also not stopping her plans to perfect her flesh prison with cosmetic procedures.

Viewers first “met” Dr. Smith, her plastic surgeon, when Larissa showed up to do a consultation with him.

Since then, he has given her two major rounds of plastic surgery.

Now, she has returned to get even more work done.

It’s hard to say what we think of the results, of course, until she’s done recovering.

Check out the Instagram photos below — from both before and after — and then the video compilation that Larissa uploaded.


Larissa changed a lot this year

Larissa changed a lot this year

In February, she received massive breast implants and underwent a nose job.

Then, in August

Then, in August

Larissa had abdominoplasty and a fat transfer to her butt alongside some specialized filler to give her a more prominent booty.

The results speak for themselves

The results speak for themselves

Larissa is flaunting a powerful new hourglass figure — on social media and on OnlyFans.

She’s wanted this for a long time

She's wanted this for a long time

Larissa has long been uncomfortable with her appearance and her body, and ridicule from thousands of vicious trolls since her rise to fame cannot have helped.

Larissa has “big” plans for the future

Larissa has "big" plans for the future

Larissa, who is already sporting some truly massive breast implants, has hinted on Instagram that she plans to increase her bust size even more dramatically. Remember, this isn’t a question of what other people find attractive or would want for themselves — ultimately, the only opinion that matters about Larissa’s body is whether she is happy with it.

Now, it’s time again

Now, it's time again

Right before Halloween, Larissa returned to Dr. Smith to get even more work done — though we think that the increase cup size is still a ways off. While some details have yet to come out, we already know a lot about what Larissa just got done.

Wish her luck!

Wish her luck!

All cosmetic procedures come with risks, so a little good luck never hurt anybody. Fortunately, it seems that Larissa is in good hands — since she’s a repeat customer.

Eric was there to support her

Eric was there to support her

She showed her appreciation to Erickee — ahem, boyfriend Eric Nichols — for being there for her, for emotional support but also to give her a ride.

The team assembled

The team assembled

Larissa wouldn’t be showing quite as much of this story if there weren’t something in it for her — promoing your plastic surgeon to your hundreds of thousands of followers can go a long way.

Part of her treatment will be “cellfina”

Part of her treatment will be "cellfina"

Cellulite is just a normal part of the appearance of a human body, even if it’s not universal, but not everyone is happy with theirs. Apparently, there is an injectable treatment for it.

Before and after

Before and after

These pics aren’t of Larissa, but they should give us an idea of the change that Larissa hopes to make.

Also …

Also ...

As you can see in the video compilation that we have included at the end, Larissa is also getting work done near her eyes, presumably to smooth out wrinkles and undo puffiness. This is an old trick for Larissa. Specifically, she wants the “Gigi Hadid eye,” which we don’t really understand but we’ll trust in Larissa’s expertise.

She has a warning for followers

She has a warning for followers

They should be careful what they say to her, or she will block them. That’s a very effective way to silence trolls.



Some of us cannot help but wince, but as we said, this is not Larissa’s first rodeo when it comes to injections on her face. In fact, she has gotten much deeper injections — sometimes vertically through her nose tissue — so this little pinprick is seemingly no big deal.



Larissa shows that she is bandaged on her abdomen. As you can see in the video, speaking is a little challenging as her face is not entirely cooperating, and some fans have observed that she seems a little loopy. She and Eric banter back and forth a little, but her words are nonsense.

Even Larissa sees that

Even Larissa sees that

She laughs at having said “soda cane,” perhaps trying to say “sugar cane,” and seems stunned and happy when Eric tells her how beautiful she looks in blue. We won’t see what her post-procedure face REALLY looks like until she’s done recovering, of course.

Larissa appears before and after her round of procedures with Dr. Smith in this video compilation. We hope that, when she’s done recovering and can take the look, the results are exactly what she is hoping for!

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