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Singer/Songwriter Tanille Drops new Single 

I can’t forgive, you know what you did, not this time, a stellar Tanille establishes in her new self-penned song “Not This Time”. Singing with grace and beauty, but adding a light dose of diva, Tanille’s romantic tale of love gone wrong is powerfully real. Adding to its luster is a shoulder-moving electronic beat. The feel of the song is woman empowerment meets closing one door, opening another. Tanille’s fantastic voice conveys nothing but talent and joy in this exciting new track.

Tethered closely to Tanille’s vocals is the vintage groove powered with a modern hook. What gives this track extra boost is the echoing effects, as well as the computerized vocal features. That’s not to say Tanille is relying on technology – that couldn’t be further from the truth. She has a wonderful voice and the electronica never overshadows her talent. “Not This Time” moves it way along with this stirring, pulsating groove. As catchy as it is, and it is, it’s also beautiful. I didn’t expect to feel the beauty in Tanille’s voice, in her lyrics after just one listen. But, I did.

In between the lingering harmonies, the held notes, Tanille presents herself as both a confident and hurt woman. She’s vulnerable, she’s at her breaking point. As she sings she’s not going to ‘go crazy’ this time, her restraint is admirable. One gets the impression this guy really screwed up. He’s done it time and time again, but no excuses or apologies in the world will fix it this time. Not this time. Her journey is nothing new to many music fans. She has an elegance in her voice – that is new. The tone in her voice is love, but also exhaustion. She’s ready for her next chapter.

MORE ON TANILLE: http://www.tanille.com/

“Not This Time” thrusts itself into a busy indie landscape. I have a feeling that Tanille’s hard work will pay off. Her voice alone sets her apart, as does the fact that she writes her own songs. I think she really believes the words, she’s not just singing them. That kind of talent can’t be fabricated or mimicked. You either have it or you don’t. She does. “Not This Time” is a riveting song.

Tanille, whose full name is Tanille Edwards, is based in New York. Her discography also includes Christmas or holiday music, as well as “Baby Come Back To Me” and “Feel It”. Her website also features tracks “One Wish” and “Trusts Asks Us To Believe”. Furthermore, she’s an author and co-creator of the children’s green book series Jordan & Justine’s Weekend Adventures, and young adult novels Cameo By Tanille and Broken By Tanille. She writes on her website, “there are so many moments in time full of unmistakable feelings. I have to write how I feel. I tell my story because I know it is not just my story. Love, faith, hope…I’m still learning.” With talent and drive like Tanille’s not this time doesn’t ring true. It is her time. The time is now for this multi-faceted artist.

Troy Johnston

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