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Pressing the emergency button to “discuss” with the party in Among Us as to who’s the imposter, unfortunately, doesn’t open up a chat of its own. Players in this new party survival game will have to work together to discover who the one or two imposters are. However, this concept doesn’t work well if players can’t discuss it.

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Though the game will be paused as the emergency meetings and discussions happen, this doesn’t open up any kind of chat. This gives players the chance to chat if they wish to. Due to this, there may be some errors or miscommunication.

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How to Chat with the Party in Among Us

Within the game, players were only provided with a standard chat box where everyone could discuss as much as they like while they played. Originally, there was no voice chat available or anything like that, so players would have to find a way around this if they needed or wanted a voice chat. Recently, however, the developers have paired up with Discord to provide an in-game voice chat for players to use and set up in their way. This has been integrated with players on all of its platforms in mind, so no need to worry there.

Once players have a voice chat available some rules will help build up an emphasis on chatting about the actions going on in the game. To help imposters from giving themselves away, and to keep everyone in the party focused on their tasks, players should mute their microphones when they are not in a meeting. Adding the element of having a short timed meeting, players will all have to get their facts straight before voting if they want to kick the imposter off.

Another rule that players should stick to with both voice and text chat is to mute themselves if they have been killed. No one wants the game to be ruined because someone got salty about being killed or booted from the ship. Players especially don’t want the mystery of the game to be ruined by someone telling all the living players who got them.

These rules should all be discussed ahead of time in the party to make sure that everyone is on the same page before starting. This should help the game become more immersive and intense for the players as their time runs out. So, who’s the imposter?

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Among Us is available on PC, iOS, and Android.

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