[Video] YouTuber Uncovers Bloodier Original ‘Bloodborne’ Intro Cinematic

YouTuber Lance McDonald has struck gold once again with From Software’s Bloodborne. Lance had previously done some sleuthing in the game’s files (along with other From Software titles), and uncovered a variety of cut content. Recently, in addition to uncovering more cut content from the game in the Lake of Mud, Lance also revealed that the game’s intro cinematic ended differently than what was eventually shipped.

If you can’t recall the original cinematic, here it is:

Note the snap to black at the very end. Apparently, in the original version, instead of the snap to black, we instead get a shot of blood splattering on the ground before much more blood starts creeping into frame. While it’s not exactly known why Sony cut the cinematic like this, it’s probably likely that they wanted a “censored” version to be shown at E3 2014 when Bloodborne was revealed. Remember, this cinematic also doubled as the game’s reveal trailer that year.

Still, the extra shot does shift the tone of the entire trailer, which for those who’ve snapped their controller in frustration playing Bloodborne, is probably apropos…

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