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Toox releases new Single “Own the Night” (feat. Rose Culture and Daimen Carter

Newcomer Toox works with two great singers on his new single “Own the Night”, Rose Culture and Daimen Carter, and comes up with a track guaranteed to draw the attention he deserves. Culture scored a regional hit with her track “Awesome” and Carter did as well with the cuts “We’re OK” and “Chasin’”, but their collaboration with Toox may be the moment they burst out of the bubble and attract the national and global attention they deserve.  Producer Michael DeBarge worked alongside co-producers Juicegotkeys and Chey de Los to round off any rough edges on this performance and their efforts help shape Toox’s “Own the Night” into one of the more bracing hip hop recordings in recent years.

The most impressive aspect of the vitality and creativity on display with this performance is how effortless everyone involved makes it sound. There’s no audible straining for effect in this performance, no sign of creative “heavy lifting”. Toox, moreso than the others involved, sounds quite at home in this musical environment and takes on the lyrical content with a level of panache far beyond his years and experience. His innate phrasing talent allows him the latitude to navigate through the song’s lines confident without ever sounding arrogant, his head held high, and in full command of his growing powers as a vocalist. It’s important in this form, I think, for artists to convey as much personality as possible and, if nowhere else, Toox certainly succeeds in this area.


Rose Culture’s vocals invoke welcome soulfulness in the track, an especially astounding note considering she has been known largely as a rapper rather than a straightforward singer until recently. She clearly possesses the necessary pipes for this sort of singing and her work alongside equally talented vocalist Daimen Carter is one of the assortment of highlights distinguishing “Own the Night” from run of the mill fare. The musical arrangement is reliant on electronic instruments but the artists and producers build it in such a way there’s plenty of chances for Toox and the other singers to shine. Ultimately, however, this is Toox’s show and he never fails to make a positive impression on listeners.

Part of this is due to the inherently punchy nature of the composition. There’s no wasted motion. “Own the Night” owns listeners’ attention thanks to its ability for embedding itself in listeners’ consciousness fast and never overstaying its welcome. It gets in and out with equal aplomb. It’s a thoroughly enjoyable ride from beginning to end, however, equal part musical substance and entertainment, and the trio of performers working together on this track definitely constitute a winning combination unlike many similar efforts we’ve heard in the recent past. “Own the Night” will catch your ear and doesn’t easily let go. The new single from Toox is the sort of musical work that lingers in the memory long after the final note fades and compels you to give it additional hearings. Toox and his collaborators have struck with a real winner when it comes to this track and we can only hope they opt to work together once again.

Troy Johnston

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