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Steve Markoff and Patricia Lazzara team up with legendary Pianist for “Liama”

It’s apparent from the first opening measures in the instrumental song “Liama” that the direction the listener to take will be a positive one. Flutists Steve Markoff and Patricia Lazzara have teamed up again to create an enjoyable listening experience. A follow up to 2019’s Timeless—Hits Of Love And Hope From Pop, Rock & Soft Rock, “Liama” is from the anticipated album Romances in Blue. The duo’s press page didn’t indicate an official timeline for when Romances in Blue will drop, but inquisitive listeners will certainly be anxious after hearing “Liama”. This song, to be blunt, just makes me happy.

What at first started sounding like a transcendental meditation soundtrack quickly became a stirring kaleidoscope of colors and emotions. Yes, this song would be great for yoga and deep-breathing. I think it’s more than that. I think when the first piano notes (joining Markoff and Lazzara on piano is the uber talented, Latin Grammy-nominated Allison Brewster Franzetti) strike, the mind quickly centers itself. “Liama” is an energized, bright spot on an already sunny day. I think even in a dreary, raining day, the crisp sounds from the flute would make for a shiny disposition.

“Liama” gives the listener confidence. The piano work lays a strong foundation for something out of those sporting news feature stories – you know the ones where they show the athlete getting up at zero-dark-thirty running sprints up stadium stairs. Tiny steps forward and the song moves along with ballerina-like flute sounds. It’s as if the flute is whispering into the listener’s ears, encouraging them to move forward, take those steps. Each note is moving the song into a direction that flourishes most when all three instruments partake. The piano is not a backseat driver by any means, but it might be more of a co-pilot. As with all music, the instruments all work together. I kept listening for any solo parts that would start out more than the others, but I found that I enjoyed the isolated parts (there are some there, but they quickly change), as much as the chorus of sounds.


At the song’s bridge, the tempo increases. That speedier movement, albeit gradual, is also inspiring. As the flutes weave in-and-out from each other, little moments pause for the listener to gather one’s thoughts. Not too long and the piano fills that tiny void. The fluttering and bright sounds are contagiously upbeat.

That positive reinforcement and energy being omitted from “Liama” might be at the very foundation of Markoff and Lazzara’s, both based in New Jersey, musical relationship. Lazzara is actually Markoff’s former instructor. She taught him the ropes and he gained such knowledge and his talent soon turned into a professional musical relationship. Talk about instilling confidence! Imagine having a teacher recommend you for a job, or better yet, sign up to work with you. That special bond and that creative synergy shines through in “Liama”. I would love to hear this song live and for selfish reasons, would love to hear it with a full symphony orchestra – percussion and all.

Troy Johnston

The music of STEVE MARKOFF and PATRICIA LAZZARA has been heard all over the world in partnership with the radio plugging services offered by Musik and Film Radio Promotions Division.  Learn more

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