The Bold Type’s Meghann Fahy Reacts to Richard and Sutton’s Rocky Wedding Day

[Warning: The following contains spoilers from Thursday’s episode of The Bold Type. Read at your own risk!]

We know it’s traditional to toast a new bride and groom with champange, but after that episode of The Bold Type, it feels like we need a shot of vodka to calm our nerves! Sutton (Meghann Fahy) and Richard (Sam Page) finally managed to make it down the aisle in the midseason finale, but it wasn’t without some last-minute drama that made fans doubt if this OTP would in fact be endgame after all.

Sutton seemed completely ready to move out West as her nuptials approached, but after that last-minute stylist offer from Scarlet came in, she found herself torn. Could she really drop a, “Hey, would it actually be OK if I bailed on San Francisco and pursued my dreams in New York after all?” on Richard on the day of their wedding? Turns out, she could!

Naturally, Richard nearly left her at the altar over that bad timing, wondering if Sutton really was too young to take life choices as seriously as he did. No need to worry though! That totally messed up line of thought lasted for about a minute before Jacqueline (Melora Hardin) stepped in to knock some sense into him. The happy couple made it down the aisle — at just about the same time Jane (Katie Stevens) and Pinstripe (Dan Jeannotte) were calling it quits and Kat (Aisha Dee) was getting fired for leaking tax documents to the public — and now we can’t wait to see where everything goes next!

TV Guide called up Meghann Fahy to help us break down this huge wedding episode and where the girls will go from here.

Meghann Fahy and Sam Page, <em>The Bold Type</em>Meghann Fahy and Sam Page, The Bold Type

When you first found out that Richard and Sutton were getting engaged, did you actually think they would make it down the aisle?
Meghann Fahy:
I was very wary of it because I was obviously like, “Yes, let’s do this. Let’s get these two people married. That’s so fun.” But I was nervous because we had talked about maybe having Richard and Sutton get married in a prior season and then that kind of like, didn’t work out and storylines changed and stuff like that. I was a little surprised that it was happening so early in the season. I was kind of like, “Wait a minute..” But I was thrilled that we made it down the aisle… You can’t break them up when they’re engaged to be married. That’s cruel.

How hard was it for Sutton to make that choice to stay in New York after she had sort of envisioned her new life in California with Richard?
I think that’s maybe one of the hardest choices that she’s made. I think that wrapping her brain around moving to San Francisco totally made sense. It would be hard to be away from Kat and Jane, but at the same time, that friendship is so strong. I don’t think she was ever worried that they wouldn’t be close still. I think she was kind of like, “Look, I’ve been a Scarlet for five years. I miss Richard. Maybe there’s something to be said for picking up and starting somewhere new.” And I think everything kind of came crashing down when she got this opportunity she’d been working for. I think it was really hard for her to feel like she was going back on her word with Richard. You know, she made him a promise. She was genuinely excited to go to San Francisco. So I think telling him especially on their wedding day was probably one of the hardest things she’s ever had to do, but it worked out!

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I thought it was very big of Richard to put her dreams first, even on their wedding day.
Yeah, I think it would have been understandable if he had not been cool with that. I think one of the greatest things about Sutton and Richard is they’re super, super supportive of each other’s careers. You know, the whole reason that Richard is in San Francisco is because Sutton encouraged him to go find a job that makes him truly happy instead of just making a lot of money at Stafford and kind of hating it. So it’s kind of awesome that he was like, “Hey, you know, you’ve supported my dreams, I want to support yours. Let’s make it work.

Is the distance still going to be a problem between them? Or will we be seeing a lot more of Sam Page in the back half of the season?
We will definitely be seeing more of Sam Page which is honestly the best-case scenario because he’s my favorite human. But yeah, I think that they’re gonna continue to have to kind of work through some of their long-distance troubles, but like I said, Richard’s super game, and he shows up when she needs him. So I think that that’s kind of the key to making this all work for them.

Meghann Fahy and Sam Page, <em>The Bold Type</em>Meghann Fahy and Sam Page, The Bold Type

How are you going to see Sutton change professionally in the back half of the season now that she is officially a full-fledged stylist?
I know! It’s going to be so fun to see her kind of step into that role and take on all these new responsibilities. And like you saw at the end of the finale, she meets her new shared-assistant with Oliver, which I think is like maybe the best thing that’s ever happened to Sutton? She’s like, “I have an assistant?!” I think it’s going to be really cool to see her be in a position of being able to mentor Timothy — that’s the new guy’s name. I think something the show does really well is we’re not going to see Sutton perpetuate the “be unkind and haze your assistant” thing. We kind of get to see her instead take on the role and be like, “You know what, I know exactly what this used to feel like, and I want to make this person feel respected and like they’re a part of what we’re doing here.” Which is what Oliver always made Sutton feel, at least towards the end. Definitely maybe not at the beginning [Laughs]. I think that’s why it’s so important for Sutton to just make Timothy feel great. But it’s going to be hard. She’s definitely going to mess some stuff up while she’s learning.

And what is it going to be like for all of the girls now that Kat has just been fired?
You know, it’s interesting because when Jane left to go to Incite, that’s kind of the only other time that we’ve not had the three girls together at Scarlet, But this is different because Jane didn’t get fired when that happened. She just kind of left. So I think we’re going to really see Kat has to dig her heels into something completely new, which honestly is kind of exciting because I think we’ll get to see the girls in a different environment. There will probably be a few less fashion closet scenes, but we’re going to see the girls in new scenarios, which I think is really cool.

Meghann Fahy and Sam Page, <em>The Bold Type</em>Meghann Fahy and Sam Page, The Bold Type

Jane is also not in a great place having just broken up with Pinstripe because he cheated, which absolutely devastated me.
Honestly, same. Like, I cried watching the episode.

Is Jane going to have to lean on Sutton and Kat more during this kind of tumultuous time for her?
Well, yeah. I think what kind of complicates her story is that she’s walking in to get a double mastectomy. The aftermath of such a major surgery is another thing that we kind of will go on to explore moving forward. I think it’s gonna be really sweet to see the girls kind of rally around Jane during what is like a very, very difficult time for her. Aside from the fact that she’s having this major surgery, she’s also dealing with having an absolutely crushed heart. I think it’s really an emotional storyline for Jane, and, I think you’ll see a ton of the three girls hanging in Jane’s apartment and stuff like that, which we always love to shoot.

The Bold Type Season 4 will return this summer on Freeform.

Meghann Fahy and Sam Page, <em>The Bold Type</em>Meghann Fahy and Sam Page, The Bold Type

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