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Interview with Mark and the Tiger

You recently had a big show at the Whiskey A GO GO to ring in the new year! Please give us the inside scoop on your performance!

The gig at the Whisky went amazing! Thanks for asking. It was such an incredible experience to be able to play at such an iconic venue. You can really feel the energy left behind from all the rock and roll legends who played there before. Seriously, wicked rad!

And speaking of performances, do you ever get stage fright or performance anxiety? If so, how do you combat that?

Oh my god yes! My least favorite period of time of any show day is the 2 or 3 hours right before I go on. The waiting game from when I get to the venue for load in to when I actually go on is awful! I get nervous, and anxious, and overwhelmed. At this stage in my career it’s pretty rare for the venues I play at to have  green room or any place for the artists to chill out before hand. When I first started giving I would try and calm down by chatting to people before the show only to find that I’d blown out my voice when got on stage. Now I usually ditch my band and sit in my car by myself to decompress and warm up my voice before I go onstage.

You also have a  new video out for you single I won’t give up! Congrats. What was the inspiration behind the video? Did you direct it?

Ha, no I definitely didn’t direct it. My friend, Evan, is an incredible Producer and he very kindly agreed to film a live performance of a gig I did years ago. Unfortunately the sound system at that venue was so horrible that the sound quality was pretty shit. So I had this beautiful video with terrible audio that I couldn’t do much with. But this year I finally got “I Wont Give Up” fully produced and luckily Evan was able to mix the new audio into the old video. It turned out amazing considering in some ways it’s a happy accident!

If you could be from any other decade (or era) which would it be and why?

If I could have been in my 20’s from about 1967-1977 I think that would have been absolutely amazing! The music scene back then is everything I wish it was now! Mind you, if I HAD been alive back then there’s a good chance I would have OD’d or been swept up into a cult or gotten syphilis. Or all of the above.

Share with us the best advice you have been given so far in life

Never fear the pain of loss. It is a reminder that you experienced something truly beautiful.

Anything else you would like us to know?

I’ve got a new single, “Hand to Hold”, coming out on Valentines day of this year! And 2 or 3 other singles coming out afterwards. They’ll all lead up to the release of my debut EP, at the End of May. You can find out more info at my website:

My Management:
Contact for bookings:

End of Interview

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