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Interview with The Keymakers

Thank you for sharing your time with us today!  The two of you have such a great chemistry and seem like best friends. Has it been like that from day one?

Rome: More or less! At the end of the day we’re brothers, and anyone who has siblings knows that we’ll get along better at certain times than others (and we definitely used to fight more when we were kids), but I think we got lucky with our relationship. Our interests, senses of humor, the way we see the world; we’re pretty aligned. So I think we look at it like we’d be best friends even if we weren’t brothers, and our shared life experience just adds to that chemistry.

We all have days that aren’t our best – what do you to get inspired to perform or write music when those days happen?

Red: Absolutely. And working full-time jobs during the day can make it really hard to get inspired and stay fresh. Our strategy is normally just to acknowledge it, embrace it, decompress for a bit, then try and reattack. It helps that there are two of us to motivate each other. Sometimes it’s just not there though, but since the music grind is so much more than just making music, you can still power through those moments and handle some of the other millions of tasks we’re always juggling.

We believe everyone has a champion in life. Who would you say is yours?

I think we’d both say our parents. They’ve had to work extremely hard to get to where they are and have given us so much that we could never thank them enough for. We’ve also learned a lot from them – things that really benefited both our music career and who we are as people – and having their support is one of the many things that keeps us going.

If you can only listen to one song on repeat for a month – what are you choosing?

Rome: Still Dreaming by Luttrell

Red: No Captain by Lane 8

The New Year is coming up quick – are you going to set any new year’s resolutions? If so, any you can share?

Rome: Musically, I think a big one is playing as many shows as we can and continuing to hone our live set. We’d like to take this show to as many places and faces as possible in 2020, and will work hard to make that happen. Beyond that, sleeping more, reading more, and getting back into creative fiction writing, which I used to love to do before the full transition to songwriting!

Anything else you would like to share?

Red: As you may know, we just put out our first EP, Spectra, so it’d mean the world to us if you checked it out! Beyond that, look for us on tour by following our Songkick and, if you dig us, please connect with us on IG – we love meeting our fans all over the world and try to chat with everyone. Thank you!

End of Interview

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