‘BorderDoom’ Mod Mashes up ‘Borderlands’ With ‘Doom’ For Loot Dropping Fun

Ever wanted to have Borderlands mashed up with DOOM (minus the humour, of course)? Thanks to a modder named Sunbeam, you can. They’ve recently released the first version of BorderDoom, which combines the loot shooter of Borderlands with the hellish goodness that is DOOM.

The mod features a new XP and loop drop system, along with a variety of new weapons and items, each with variable attributes. So in other words, that shotgun you just picked up won’t have the same damage output, fire rate or clip size as the next one you pick up. Luckily, you can check out a weapon or item’s attributes by pointing your reticle at it. Likewise, you can do the same thing with an enemy to see its level and current health. If the enemy level is in red text, you probably want to tackle it at anther time.

The mod also introduces an inventory system and a restriction of three weapons being carried at a time, so choose wisely. You can check out the new gameplay features in the video below. To get this puppy running, you’ll need a copy of DOOM (obviously), as well as ZDoom. And, of course, you can download the mod via the link Sunbeam posted on Twitter below.

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